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First Year Past Papers Punjab Boards, Principles of Economics MCQs Question Paper Group First Annual 2023 conducted in Bahawalpur Board in District Rahimyarkhan, Bahawalnagar and Bahawalpur. This Principles of Economics Multiple Choice Question paper was given by students enrolled in Session 2020-2022, 2021-2023, 2022-24.

Very Important Multiple Choice Questions of Principles of Economics 1st Year are here which are part of Annual Examination 2023. Mostly MCQs are too much important for PPSC Exam.  

This 11th Class Principles of Economics MCQs paper Bahawalpur Board was given by students enrolled in Session 2020-2022, 2021-2023, 2022-24.

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Principles of Economics
1st Year ( Inter Part 1)
Group 1st (Morning)
First Annual 2023
Time 20 Minutes
Objective Total Marks : 15

1. Who said that Economics is a ‘’science ‘’?

(a) Adam Smith
(B) Marshal
(C) Robbins
(d) Keynes

2. Total utility is maximum when marginal utility is:

(A) positive
(B) Negative
(C) Zero
(D) Minimum

3. Demand for Necessities of life is:

(A) Less Elastic
(B) More Elastic
(C) Perfectly Elastic
(D) Inelastic

4. Supply of durable good is?

(A) Inelastic
(B) Zero elastic
(C) Elastic
(D) Infinite elastic

5. The second of increasing return is?

(A) Law of cost
(B) Law of increasing cost
(C) Law of decreasing cost
(D) Law of constant cost

6. Under monopoly average revenue curve remain the marginal revenue curve:

(A) Below
(B) Above
(C) Parallel to
(D) Equal to

7) Firm’s equilibrium is at that point where:


8. marginal productivity theory was presented by:

(A) Adam smith and Malthus
(B) Marshal and J.B. clark
(C) Robbins and Keynes
(D) Pigou and canon

9. Expenditures of repair of Machines are called:

(A) Unproductive expenditures
(B) Productive expenditures
(C) Rewards
(D) Depreciation allowances

10. Equilibrium level of national income is attained at a point where:

(A) Saving = Investment
(B) Consumption = Saving
(C) Consumption = Investment
(D) Income = = Saving + Investment

11. Kinds of money are:

(A) 03
(B) 04
(C) 05
(D) 07

12. The money whose face value is equal to intrinsic value is called:

(A) Token money
(B) Standard money
(C) Paper money
(D) Credit money

13. During depression:

(A) Employment increases
(B) Prices decreases
(C) Profit increases
(D) Prices increases

14. Absolute Advantage theory was presented by:

(A) Adam smith
(B) Prof. Walker
(C) Ricardo
(D) Marshal

15. Is not included in public expenditures:

(A) Courts
(B) Fee
(C) Public Administration
(D) Defence

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