11th Class Past Papers English MCQs G2 2023 Download

11th Class Past Papers Punjab Board English MCQs Paper Annual 2023 Objective New Course Paper 2023 Group 2nd Bahawalpur Board, Past Papers Group 2nd, First Annual Examination 2023 Solved Questions with Answers download Pdf Bahawalpur Board.

11th Class English MCQs Paper Annual 2023 ( Evening )
BISE Bahawalpur Board

Note : Four possible choices A , B , C , D to each question are given. Which choice is correct , fill that circle in front of that question number. Use marker or pen to fill the circles. Cutting or filling two or more circles will result in zero mark in that question,


(A) Each question has four options. Only one option is closest in meaning. Fill the right option of the underlined words. ( Book – I Short Stories , Book – III Plays and Poems ) (10)

1. The wind blew as if to flakeaway their identities.

(A) Recognize
(B) Destroy
(C) Brighten
(D) Stay

2. Mr. Hubert was in triumph.

(A) Defeat
(B) Open
(C) Conquest
(D) Depression

3. It was indeed as splendid scene.

(A) Gloomy
(B) Sad
(C) Magnificent
(D) Bad

4. A Tyrant does not remain in the world.

(A) Dictator
(B) King
(C) Ruler
(D) Thief

5. Now observe its effect on a human being.

(A) Avoid
(B) Deny
(C) Refuse
(D) Look Keenly

6. The girl was scared.

(A) Calm
(B) Frightened
(C) Satisfied
(D) Pleased

7. She knits passively.

(A) Actively
(B) Attentively
(C) Inactively
(D) Sharply

8. What is that gadget ?

(A) Box
(B) Gift
(C) Book
(D) Small Machine

9. I with my stoop reflect.

(A) Walk
(B) Talk
(C) Think
(D) Work

10. And with the same undulant grace .

(A) Elegance
(B) Work
(C) Thought
(D) Dress

(B) Each question has four options. Only one is correct. Fill the Right Choice. (5)

1. The man who keeps on wins_____ :

(A) The Reward
(B) The Race
(C) The Shield
(D) The Trophy

2. The boy saved his life by praying to :

(A) Qazi
(B) King
(C) Parents
(D) God Almighty

3. What did a Quack claim to cure ? :

(A) Fever
(B) Goiter
(C) Headache
(D) Injury

4. She saw the man dragging out of his car.

(A) The Corpse of a Woman
(B) A Sack
(C) A Statue
(D) A Dog .

5. The house of Spelding comes under the :

(A) Civil Law
(B) Criminal Law
(C) Company Law
(D) Martial Law

(C) Each question has four options. Only one is correct. Fill the Right Choice. (5)

1. My brother never _____a lie.

(A) Tells
(B) Tell
(C) is Tell
(D) Was Tell

2. I _____ a letter last night.

(A) Write
(B) Writes
(C) Wrote
(D) Will Write

3. I ____ for two hours .

(A) Was Reading
(B) Had been Reading
(C) Read
(D) Reads

4. I ____ my business next year.

(A) Starts
(B) Started
(C) Has Started
(D) Shall Start

5. If I had worked hard, I _______ :

(A) Would have pass
(B) Should have pass
(C) Would have passed
(D) Pass

11th Class English Group 2nd New Course MCQs Paper 2nd Annual Examination 2023 Group Second BISE Bahawalpur

11th Class English MCQs Paper 2023 G2 BWP Board Download

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