Biology Chapter No.5 GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT 2nd Year Online MCQs

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Chapter No. 5
Second Year
Multiple Choice Questions
Note : All MCQ’s selected in this test are from OLD F.Sc. board , UHS and PMC(Pakistan Medical Commission) Islamabad Papers.

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Chapter No. 05
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For maximum growth, the optimum temperature is 25-30 CENTIGRADE & it is least at

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The capacity of some cells to evoke a specific developmental response in others

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Poor vision dryness, loss of hair pigment is signs of

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Blastomere are formed during: (Fsd 13)

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An embryo having neural plate of tube is said to be?

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It is the condition that leads to tallness, aggressiveness mental defect and anti-social behaviour

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The ability to regain or recover lost or injured part of the body is called

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Klinefelters syndrome is an example of

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Secondary growth leads to an increase in the diameter (thickness) of the

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The unspecialized cells present in flatworms and planaria are:

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Great power of regeneration is met within

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Root primordial develop from the root cambium called:

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The pigment free area that appears at the time of fertilization is called

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Environmental factors causing abnormal development are grouped together as (Swl 2016)

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Which one of the following is not a growth region

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Grey equatorial cytoplasm gives rise to: (Fsd 2016, Mir Kashmir 2016)

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Which of the following light favours elongation of cells:

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Study of aging is called: (Swl 2015)

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In the zone of elongation, the volume of the cells increases up to

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Which one of these produces larval epidermis:

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The internal factors which influence the growth rate in plants are the hormones, water and

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Apical meristems are responsible for:

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The ectoderm & mesoderm are formed from

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The process of converts the single-called zygote structure in most animal embryos

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The unspecialized cells present in flatworms and planaria are:

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The branch of biology which dealt with abnormal development and its causes its termed as

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In plants ,having ability to divide are known as:

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The plant hormone that inhibit the growth of lateral shoots:

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Primary growth in plants is caused by (Sgd 2016)

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The branch of biology dealing with the study of development of a zygote till it is hatched or borne is called:

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Grey equatorial cytoplasm gives rise to

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The removal of apex releases the lateral buds from the apical dominance. It is called:

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During development coelom is formed by

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it gives rise to muscle cells:

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Cleavage results in a structure called

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Anterior part of neural tube gives rise to:

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Intercalary meristems are situated at: (Bwp 2015)

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Which light enhance cell division and retard cell enlargement:(Lhr 2014 G II)

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The three germinal layers formed during

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Neural plates is formed from

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The mesodermal cells do not invaginate but migrate medially and caudally from both sides and create a midline thickening called:

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The chick embryo completes its development in

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The study of human populations and things that affect them is called:

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Conversion of a haploid cell into a diploid cell occurs during in most animals

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In incubating eggs artificially, the incubators are usually regulated at temperature between:

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Which one of the following shows poor regeneration

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Secondary growth refers to increase in:

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Which one is not related with neurulation?

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The mesodermal cells do not invaginate but migrate medially and caudally

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The cavity formed between somatic and splanchnic mesoderm is:

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At the cephalic end of primitive streak, closely packed cells form local thickening known as

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The specific regions of plant where growth occurs are called:

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In vascular plants, growth occurs through the activity of the;

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In Klinefelter's syndrome the sex chromosomes are

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Mosulla is characterized by

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The occurrence of all the following stages during developmental process is true Except:

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Spemann performed his experiments on which of following

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Harelip condition is also called

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At the cephalic end of primitive streak,closely packed cells form a local thickening known as:

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The process through which one group of cells influences the way in which another group of cell becomes differentiated is

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Yellow cytoplasm gives rise to (Mirpur Kashmir 2015)

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The syndrome which is an example of the sex chromosome is:

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it gives rise to muscle cells

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Coelom is farmed between

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Gray vegetal cytoplasm gives rise to:

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Acetabularian has irregular shaped cap:

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The mesodermal cells of the chick embryo migrate medially, caudally from both sides and create a midline thickening called;

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Grey vegetal cytoplasm gives rise to

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The meristems present at the base of inter nodes are called:

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The discoidal cap of cells above the blastocoel

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They are situated at bases of internodes in many plants:

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Acetabularia is an/a

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The meristem present at the apices of roots and shoots are knoWn as:

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Presumptive neural ectoderm is present on which surface of gastrulla

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Meristems are young tissues or group of cells that retain the potential to

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Who did perform experiments on Acetabularia?

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Apical dominance is caused due to

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The growth rate is influenced by

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The hypoblast of chick embryo is presumptive

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During elongation the cell volume increases up to: (Grw 2015)

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Yellow cytoplasm of ascidian zygote gives rise to: (Lhr 2013

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Nucleus in Acetabularia is:

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Branch of biology which deals with the study of abnormal development and their causes is called: (Bwp 2016)

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Clear cytoplasm produces

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It is an ordered sequence of irreversible steps, with each step setting up the necessary conditions for the next step:

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During the maturation phase of growth the cells which elongate lengthwise are

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Adetnbularia is an:

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The programmed series of stages from a simpler to a more complex form constitutes the process of:

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Neurula is the stage in which embryo has:

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Acetabularia consists of a base, a stalk and a

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Which one of the following sex chromosomal abnormalities leads to tallness, aggressiveness and antisocial behaviour?(D.G.Khan 2015 Group I)

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Mainly nervous system is formed from

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Lateral meristems include:

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The ectoderm develops into the:

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The shell of chick egg is secreted as egg passes through

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Movement and rearrangement of the cells in the embryo is called

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Chromosomal syndromes lead to

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Earthwarm can regenerate its

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Cambuim is a example of

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Optimum temperature for growth of plants is: (Fsd 2015, Lhr 2014 G I)

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The abnormal development of a small skull is the condition known as

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Which one regenerates pincer claw

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The negative physiological changes in our body are called

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Gastrulation involves

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In flatworms and planaria, the unspecialized cells are always present in the body of adult.

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Immediately after fertilization, the egg undergoes a series of mitotic division called:

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An embryo having segmentation cavity is known as:

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The growth pattern in plants is of

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The pigment free area that appears at the time of fertilization is called:

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Cleft palate In human being is also called

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In which developmental stage, germs layers are formed (Rwp 2015)

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It is characterized by the presence of a space called blastocoele:

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In 18 hour old chick embryo, one of prominent structural features is

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This stage is characterized by the movement and rearrangement of cel's in the embryo:

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Work an embryonic induction was done by Spemann and Mangold in:

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Which one regenerates its arm?

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Hans Driesch performed his experiment on embryology with the eggs of;

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The hypoblast is mainly presumptive: (Rwp 2013)

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A embryo consisting of closely packed rounded mass of blastomeres is known as:

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Environmental factors causing or contributing to abnormal development are called

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Special mesodermal cells lying between the somatic and side plate mesoderm of embryo of frog, which eventuallygive rise to urinary system are:

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The peripheral part of the blastoderm of chick embryo where the cells lie unseperated from the yolk is:

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Degeneration & disappearance of drastic. tissue in of blood vessels results in arteriosclerosis

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Turner's syndrome is the condition in which one X chromosome is

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Immediately after fertilization, the egg undergoes a series of mitotic divisions called:

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Active shoot apes controls development of:

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