Moonsoon Emergency Alert Notice for Schools in Punjab

Moonsoon Emergency Alert Notice for Schools in Punjab

Moonsoon Emergency alert notice issued by School Education Department Government of the Punjab for all schools across the Punjab after heavy rains and floods in Punjab. This emergency alert for schools specially for those schools where flood on its peak. All school Managers will follow the emergency instructions given in this letter.

In view of the unusual and heavy rains in ongoing moonsoon season accidents of the various nature are being reported from different Public and Private schools of the Punjab in various districts of the south Punjab.

The situation, therfore, warrants preventive as well as preemptive measures.So following steps might be taken on priority basis.

  1. The school heads get the electric wiring  checked from electrician and corrective action must be taken where required.
  2. STRUCTURES SHALL be assessed with the help and assistance of communication and works department and Housing urban development and Public Health Engineering department , Local Government and Community Department etc.
  3. Access of schools shall remain clear of rain water and other obstacles.
  4. Arrangements shall be made to remove excess and standing water from Public schools to ensure the continuation of Classes.
  5. The school heads shall disseminate the safety instruction to the children to avoid electric switches and wiring.

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