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Abbreviations and Acronyms Q to Z Definition Meanings download pdf

Abbreviations and Acronyms Q to Z Definition Meanings download pdf

Abbreviations and Acronyms L to P Definition Meanings download pdf, PRCS, PPSC, PPP, PPL,  PPI, PNSC, PNRA, PNEA, PMAP, PMDC, PLO, PINSTECH, PIMS, PIAC, PEMRA, PAEC, PCSIR, PCO, PCCW, PCB, PBUH, Oxford Dictionary of Abbreviations for PPSC FPSC Job Test and What is Acronyms, Abbreviations List download Pdf, General Abbreviations in English, General Abbreviation Army, General Medical Abbreviations, Police General Abbreviations, Military Abbreviations, Army Abbreviations, Common Abbreviations and Acronyms, How to write Military Rank and Name, Military Rank Abbreviation, Pro abbreviations in Schools, Education Acronyms and Abbreviations pdf, Modern Education Acronyms and Abbreviations,

Question: What is Abbreviation? OR Define Abbreviation ?
Answer: Abbreviation is the Short form of word or Phrase.
Examples of Abbreviation: PPSC abbreviation of Punjab Public Service Commission. PINSTech is abbreviation of Pakistan Institute of Nuclear Science and Technology.

Question: What is the meaning of Acronym? OR Define Acronym ?
Answers: An abbreviation formed from the first Character / letters of other words and pronounced as a word (e.g. HAMAS, HTTP ).
PAEC is acronym of Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission and MFA is acronym of Multi Fiber Agreement.

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QNA Qatar News Agency

RAB Regional Accountability Bureau
RADAR Radio Detecting and Ranging
RAW Research And Analysis Wing (India)
RC Red Cross, Red Crescent, Roman Catholic
RCBW Review Conference of Biological Weapons
RCC Reinforced Cement Concrete
RCD Regional Cooperation for Development
RIP, R.I.P. Rest in Peace
RISEAP Regional Islamic Organization of South East Asia and the Pacific
RSVP Please Reply (from French)

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S&TD Short and Term Deposits
SAARC South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation
SACU Southern African Customs Union
SADC Southern African Development Community
SAFE South Asian Federation Exchange
SAFMA South Asia Free Media Association
SAFTA South Asia Free Trade Agreement
SAFTA South Asia Free Trade Agreement

SALT Strategic Arms Limitation Talks
SANA Syrian News Agency
SAP Social Action Programme
SAPC South Asia Press Commission
SAPP South Asia Partnership Pakistan
SAPTA SAARC Preferential Trading Arrangement
SARIE South Asian Regional Institute on Energy
SARMF South Asia Regional Material Fund

SAS Self Assessment Scheme, Scandinavian Airlines System
SAT Scholastic Assessment Test
SAUT Sindh Agriculture University Tandojam
SBFC Small Business Finance Corporation
SBP State Bank of Pakistan
SCCI Saarc Chamber of Commerce and Industry
SDP Sost Dry Port — Joint Venture of China and Pakistan.
SDR Special Drawing Rights
SEADO South East Asia Defence Organization

SEATO South East Asia Treaty Organization
SECP Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan
SIM Subscriber Identity Module
SKMCH Shaukat Khanam Memorial Cancer Hospital
SLV Satellite Launch Vehicle
SMEDA Small and Medium Enterprise Development Authority
SMEDA Small and Medium Size Enterprises Development Authority
SMEs Small and Medium size Enterprises
SMS Short Message Service
SNGPL Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited
SNSC Supreme National Security Council
SO Staff Officer, Section Officer, State Officer
SONAR Sound Navigation and Ranging
SPA Saudi Press Agency
Sparteca South Pacific Regional Trade and Economic Cooperation Agreement
SRC South Pacific Commission
SPF South Pacific Forum
SPI Sensitive Price Index
Sq km Square kilometer
SRBM Short Range Ballistic Missile
SROs Statutory Rules and Orders –
SSGPL Sui Southern Gas Pipeline Limited
SSP Senior Superintendent of Police
STAR Satellites for Telecommunication Applications and Research (European Consortium)
STD Subscriber’s Trunk Dialing
STM Subscriber Identification
STN Shalimar Television Network
SUNA Sudan News Agency
SUPARCO Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (Pakistan)
SWAPO South West Africa People’s Organization
SWM Solid State Management

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TAB Technical Assistance Board (of UN)
TADA Terrorist & Disruptive Activities Act
TAS Tax Amnesty Scheme
TB Tubercle Bacillus, Tuberculosis
TC Trusteeship Council (UN), Travelers Cheque
TCA Trans-Canada Airlines
TDAP Trade Development Authority of Pakistan
TDAP Trade Development Authority of Pakistan
TDAP Trade Development Authority of Pakistan
TDCP Tourism Development Corporation of Pakistan
TEPA Traffic Engineering and Town Planning
TEVTA Technical Education and Vocational Training Authority
TIFA Transit Transport Framework Agreement
TIFF Tagged Image File Format
TIP Telephone Industries of Pakistan (Haripur) Tehrik-i-Istiglal Pakistan (a political party)
TNT Tri-Nitro-Toluene (High Explosive)
TOEFL Test of English as a Foreign Language
ToR Terms of Reference
TUSDEC Technology Upgradation and Skill Development Company
TWA Trans-World Airlines (US)
TWTF Third World Tennis Federation

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UAE United Arab Emirates
UAF University of Agricultural Faisalabad
UAR United Arab Republic
UAAR University of Arid Agriculture Rawalpindi
UBL United Bank Limited
UCAS Union of Central Africa States
UDEAC Central Africa Economic and Custom Union
UDI Unilateral Declaration of Independence
UEFA Union of European Football
UFO Unidentified Flying Objects
UGC University Grants Commission
UHF Ultra High Frequency
UK United Kingdom
UMS Urgent Mail Service
UN United Nations
UNAEC United Nations Atomic Energy Commission
UNCC United Nations Compensation Commission
UNCIP United Nations Commission of India and Pakistan
UNCLOS United Nations Conference on the Law of Seas •
UNCOD United Nations Conference on Desertification
UNCSTD United Nations Conference on Science and Technology Development
UNCTD United Nation Conference on Trade and Development
UNCURK United Nations Committee for the Unification and Rehabilitation of Korea
UNDCP United Nation Drug Control Programme
UNDOF United Nations Disengagement Observer Force
UNDP United Nations Development Programme
UNDRO United Nations Disaster Relief Organisation
UNECAFE United Nations Economic Commission for Asia and the Far East
UNEDA United Nations Economic Development Administration
UNEEC United Nations Economic and Employment Commission
UNEF United Nations Emergency Force
UNEP United Nations Environment Programme
UNESCO United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization
UNFAD United Nations Fund for Agricultural Development
UNFICYP United Nations Peace-Keeping Force In Cyprus
UNHCR Molted Nations High Commission for Refugees
UNHCRHR United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights
UNI United News of India
UNIC United Nations Information Centre
UNICEF United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund
UNICRI United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute
UNIDIR United Nations Disarmament Research
UNIDO United Nations Industrial Development Organization
UNIKOM United Nations Iraq-Kuwait Observation Mission
UNIPOM United Nations India-Pakistan Observation Mission
UNITAR United Nations Institute for Training and Research
UNITAR United Nations Institute for Training and Research
UNMOGIP United Nations Military Observers Group for India and Pakistan
UNMOT United Nations Mission of Observers in Tajikistan
UNMOVIC United Nations Monitoring and Verification Commission –
UNO United Nations Organization
UNOC United Nations Operations in Congo
UNOCHA United Nations Coordinator for Humanitarian Assistance to Afghanistan
UNODC United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime
UNPA United Nations Fund for Population Activities
UNRISD United Nations Research Institute for Social Development ,
UNRRA United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration
UNRWA United Nations Relief and Works Agency (for Palestine Refugees)
UNTSO United Nations Truce Supervision Organization (in the Middle East)
UPA United Press of America
UPI United Press International
UPU Universal Postal Union
URL Uniform / Universal Resource Locator
USAID United Nation Agency for International Development
USIS United States Information Service
USSR Union of Soviet Socialist Republic (former)
UVAS University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences

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VAT Value-added Tax
VC Victoria Cross, Vice Chancellor
VCD Video Compact Disc
VD Venereal Disease
VHF Very High Frequency
VSAT Very small aperture terminal

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WADA World Anti Doping Agency
WAN Wide Area Network (Computer)
WAP Wireless Application Protocol
WAPDA Water and Power Development Authority
WASA Water and Sanitation Agency
WB World Bank
WEF World Economic Forum
WEU Western European Union
WFC World Food Council
WFP World Food Program
WHO World Health Organization
WICCA World Islamic Council of Culture and Arts
WM Wafaqi Mohtashib
WMD Weapons of Mass Destruction
WP Warsaw Pact
WTO World Tourism Organization
WTO World Trade Organization
WWF World Wildlife Fund
WVVW World Wide Web

YMCA Young Men’s Christian Association
YMMA Young Men’s Muslims Association
YWCA Young Women’s Christian Association

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ZANU Zimbabwe African National Union
ZAPU Zimbabwe African People’s Union
ZC Zakat Council, Zila Council
ZETA Zero Energy Thermonuclear Assembly
ZIPA Zimbabwe People’s Army
ZPG Zero Population Growth
ZTBL Zarai Taraqiati Bank Ltd.

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