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Preparation of Seniority Lists for HRMIS Guidelines Notification

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Today Punjab School Education Department issued a clear guidelines regarding the Seniority of all staff working in School Education Department for Preparation of Seniority Lists for HRMIS.
According this letter all seniority list must be prepared based upon the merit score assigned by the District Selection authority. But if someone selected on merit in earlier advertisement will consider senior than the latter. Here we remember that School Education Department already issued the letters regarding the seniority on merit score o
In 2010,2018 and 2020. In a case a highcourt also give strict orders to CEO DEA Bahawal Nagar to make seniority list on merit score in 2020 according according to policy of School Education Department. But in all letters are clear that the employees selected on Merit school must include in Seniority Lists with their merit obtain during his/her appointment give by District selection Authority.
At different levels in South Punjab teachers also want to say Thanks to the Divisional President of Punjab (Govt. SCHOOLS) ASSOCIATION OF computer Teachers Bahawalpur. Divisional President of PACT BAHAWALPUR put devoted efforts to raise the issue in front of higher authorities on request received from different areas of District Bahawalnagar.
Government of the Punjab
School Education Department
Dated 02-06-2022
All Chief Executive Officers
District Education Authorities
in Punjab
Subject: Preparation of Seniority Lists on Merit Score assigned by Selection Authority
I am directed to refer the subject cited above and to state that it has come to the knowledge of the School Education Department that some of the District Education Authorities are not following the Provisions of Law/Rules regulating the seniority of employees, in letter and spirit.
2. It is clarified that seniority is determined in accordance with the provisions of section-7 of the Punjab Civil Servants (Appointment and Conditions of Service) Rules, 1974 made thereunder, Section-7 of Punjab Civil Servants Act 1974 Provides that “Seniority in a post, Service, or Cadre to which a civil servant is promoted shall take effect from the date of regular appointment to that post: Provided that civil Servants who are selected for promotion to a higher post in one batch shall on their promotion to the higher post retain their inter-se seniority in the lower post.”
3. Furthermore, Rule-8 of the Punjab Civil Servants (Appointment and Condition of Service) Rules 1974 provides that the inter se Seniority of person appointed to posts in the same grade in a functional unit shall be determined in the following manner:
  • 1(a) in the case of persons appointed by initial recruitment, in accordance with the Order of merit , assigned by the selection authority : Provided that the person , selected for appointment to the grade in an earlier selection shall rank senior to the persons selected in a later selection.

  • 1(b) In case of a person appointed otherwise, with reference to the dates of their continue appointment in the grade ; provided that if the date of continuous appointment in the case of two or more persons appointed to the grade is the same , the older if not junior to the younger in the next below grade , shall rank senior to the younger person.

  • (2) The Seniority of the Person appointed by initial recruitment to the grade vis-à-vis those appointed otherwise shall be determined with reference to the date of continuous appointment to the grade; provided that if two dates are the same, the person appointed otherwise shall rank senior to the person appointed by initial recruitment; provided further that inter se Seniority of person belonging to the same category will not be altered.

4. Foregoing in view, I am directed to ask you to take further necessary action in the light of the above instructions and submit a certificate by 30-06-2022 on the format (Annex-A) to the effect that all concerned appointing authorities / Supervisory offices have carefully read the provision of law/Rules regulating the seniority of employees and there are no anomalies in the Seniority Lists of any cadre (Teaching as well as non-Teaching) under your control. Any Violation of law/Rules in this regard may warrant strict disciplinary action against the employees concerned.



  1. Ps TO Secretary , School Education Department

  2. PS to Special Secretary , School Education Department

  3. PS to Additional Secretary (Schools) School Education Department

  4. PA to Deputy Secretary (EE) ,School Education Department

Preparation of Seniority Lists of Teachers on Merit Score

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