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Departmental Permission NOC for Higher Qualification in Bahawal Nagar

Departmental Permission NOC for Higher Qualification

MR. Kastoora Jee Shad Chief Executive Officer District Bahawal Nagr issued the letter regarding the Departmental Permission for Higher Qualification during the Government Service in School Education Department. NOC for Higher Education to improve educational Qualification is only allowed during Off Time Office Hours. So its the official Letter regarding the Rules defined in School Education Department.

Dated: 30-May-2022
1. The District Education Officer (SE), Bahawalnagar
2. The District Education Officer (EE-M), Bahawalnagar
3. The District Education Officer (EE-W), Bahawalnagar
In continuation of this office letter No.11871/Admn (M&F) dated 22.10.2019 and as per instructions cum clarification laid down in letter bearing No.6996/Admn-A-4 dated 16.10.2020, issued by Director Public Instruction (EE) Punjab, Lahore, on the subject cited above.
It is stated that worthy Secretary, Govt. of the Punjab, School Education Department Lahore has quoted reference about letter No. S (R) 1357/1-26-58-50-XIII, dated 21.06.1960 in his order bearing No. SO (SE-I) 1-10/2015 dated 28.05.2019. According to the under reference Notification, it has been clarified that;
“Outside office hours, the teachers may attend classes / courses. No formal permission is necessary in such cases. They may only inform the Head of their Department that they are attending such classes / courses. If, however, it is found that by attending such classes / courses, the work of the Govt. servants is suffering the Head of Department, may by an order, stop the Govt. servant from attending such classes / courses”.
So, in the light of said notification as well as clarifications cum instructions referred above, there is no need for NOC / Permission.
You are therefore, directed to disseminate this communication among all the Heads of institutions under your jurisdiction with the direction to ensue compliance, in letter and spirit.
Kastoora Jee Shad
Chief Executieve Officer(DEA)

Departmental Permission NOC for Higher Qualification in Bahawal Nagar
Departmental Permission NOC for Higher Qualification in Bahawal Nagar

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