SS Lecturer Education Headmaster PPSC Past PAPER No.32

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SS Lecturer Education Headmaster PPSC PAST PAPER No. 32

SS Lecturer Education Headmaster PPSC PAST PAPER No. 32

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After noting that a majority of professional basketball players are African-American, Ervin concluded that African-Americans are better athletes than members of other racial groups. Ervin's conclusion best illustrates the danger of

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The style is still that of an outsider judging

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Conceptual enquiry is based upon the idea of being value-free an not biased politically

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The report is a result of subjective filtering by the researcher based on his bias or by using an advocate and an adversary approach, leaving he reader to make a

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The origins of active specific enquiry are more in the art of literature, poetry music and art rather than

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Some styles of in this area lend themselves better to reporting the others

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Men judge women as especially attractive if

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Research is committed to research

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A teacher is involved in such an activity he can identify clearly with what is taking place. Anyone outside the action has comprehending what is taking place

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Who deliberately makes contact with and interacts personally with the learning environment

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Dr. Wilson attributes the delinquent behaviors of many teens to the pressures associated with being member of street gangs. Her account hest illustrates s(n) _ perspective

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The most satisfactory reports are those of the involved in the action

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The researcher usually admit openly his

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The examples seldom have basis

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Such a conceptual enquiry may be a decision to carry out a cost analysis or

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Some styles of in this area lend themselves better to reporting than others

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The ability to infer a cause-and-effect relationship is associated only with the

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The ultimate aim is to enable a specific individual to know himself

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With which of the following statements would a behaviorist agree

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Psychologists who carefully watch the behavior of chimpanzee societies in the jungle are using a research method known is

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Dr. Stilling worth is interested in people's reactions to a controversial jury verdict. Dr. Stilling Worth calls people at their home between the hours of 1:00 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. on a Tuesday afternoon. In this example Dr.- Stilling, Worth has most Likely selected

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_ of the approach suggest that it is impersonal, based upon the questions tie researcher wants to ask, and smacks of fertilizing seeds learners and comparing growth

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Data on the use of resources, facilities and staff would be the basis of the

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Associated with conceptual enquiry style are curriculum development, innovation strategies, and the use of techniques from other disciplines

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A researcher has children watch 30 minutes of violent television, and then counts the number of times they hit each other afterward in a one-hour Play period as a measure of aggression. The researcher concludes that television violence causes aggression. However, this conclusion may be invalid because

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Which of the following is likely to be of most interest to a developmental psychologist

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A model of the approach is one of conflict existing and new strategies (for example) Criterion-referenced measurement and

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The repot usually includes case studies and

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The school of psychology that focused on identifying and examining the fundamental components of conscious experience, such as sensations, feelings, and images was

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The most satisfactory reports are those of the involved in the action

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The other main assumption is that education is a activity and that educational research is to promote human development on the widest possible scale

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The experimental procedure in which both the experimenter and subject are unaware of who is in the experimental and who is in the control group is referred to as the

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Which enquiry is a relative newcomer in the field of educational research, has a more general modus operandi

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In the context of , the researcher acts as an enabler to the teacher or teacher-learner situation so that the participants may improve understanding

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The emphasis is on detailed information rather than generalizations, but the approach attempts to look at he whole rather than collect specific bits of

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According to Sigmund Freud, an individual's personality is largely determined by

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The reporting of Conceptual enquiry style of research can take a variety of formats. It usually involves persuasion based on preferred basis (e.g. discovery learning), use of examples showing the effectiveness of the new idea, and often or other evidence

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Researcher's will be mainly about the methods of enabling

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_ of the approach point to objectivity, precise thinking and logical development, precise thinking and logical development leading to generalizable conclusions it is an analytical piece-by-piece collection of Information

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A contacts made to enable the researcher and is working to get to know themselves and one another

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