SS Lecturer Education Headmaster PPSC Past PAPER No.25

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SS Lecturer Education Headmaster PPSC Old PAPER No. 25

SS Lecturer Education Headmaster PPSC Old PAPER No. 25

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Micro teaching is a

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A research plan should be

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Teaching and learning could not occur in a class without

4 / 50

The components of a curriculum are

5 / 50

Literacy rate in Pakistan at present is

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Detailed contents of the subjects for a class is called

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What is teaching

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The most frequently used technique for evaluating guidance service is the

9 / 50

Effective teaching demands

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A test designed to measure the extent to which a person has acquired certain knowledge is

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Casual leases per annum for school teacher are

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A repeated performance of learning act until attainment of desired level of skill to do the act correctly is

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The IQ of average child is

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First component of lesson planning is

15 / 50

The tests designed to predict future performance is

16 / 50

Training is used to

17 / 50

To see the people doing and try to do the same is

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Student needs interest are studied in

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Assessment tools that teachers use to know the actual status of Student's cumulative learning are called

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Basis of experimental research is

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The teacher moves around the room while the students are working is called

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In the organization of activities in the school, the basic determining factor is the

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What is the time of presentation in Micro Teaching

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Parent Teacher Associations are responsible for

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Observation of others and self-regulation leading to personal standards is related to

26 / 50

We move from specific to general in

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Assessment is a general term that includes the full range of procedures used to gain information about student learning is stated by

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Boss is right is the feature of

29 / 50

First intelligent test was developed by

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In which year, a National planning Board of Pakistan was set up for the development of the First Five-Year Plan

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A hierarchy of motives for meeting the need of self actualization was conceived by

32 / 50

Who had devised the term IQ (intelligence quotient)

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Which of the following was proposed in the light of Lord Maculay's recommendations

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Elementary school contains the no.of classes as

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Who said Education is the activity of recognizing God and understanding self

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The role of training and experiences for shaping and emphasized in

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Films and videotapes are examples of

38 / 50

Ibn-e-Khaldun never favoured

39 / 50

Punjab Education Code contains the rules & regulation leading to personal leading is related to

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Belonging, affection and status are best classified as

41 / 50

Education mainly depends on

42 / 50

Educational objectives bave been divided into

43 / 50

Which was not the characteristic of Lord Macaulay Report

44 / 50

Communication is a

45 / 50

If a criterion referenced test is reliable, then scores from test are

46 / 50

The key word 'examine' is used for

47 / 50

A good time to use a audio visual aids is

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Which one is not the type of lesson plans on the basis of objectives

49 / 50

Heads of institutions believing in Theory X assumes that employees are

50 / 50

Nadva Movement was established to develop and promote

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