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Time Limit : 40 Minutes
Total MCQ’s : 40

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SS Lecturer Education Headmaster PPSC PAST MODEL PAPER No. 55

SS Lecturer Education Headmaster PPSC PAST MODEL PAPER No. 55

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The number of students in cooperative learning groups are:

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Which one is accountable in cooperative learning?

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Which one is not the type of lesson plans on the basis of objectives?

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At the highest level of hierarchy is:

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CAI stands for:

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Duration of lessons in macro-lesson plans is:

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The highest level of cognitive domain is:

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American apporach emphasizes:

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The hypothesis underlying team teaching is:

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The students like to spend the most of the time with:

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The process of determining the value or worth of anything is:

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The essential characteristic of cooperative learning is:

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To break down material into component parts to know its organizational structure is:

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Taxonomy of educational objectives was presented by:

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Which is not the advantage of team teaching?

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The lowest level of learning in congnitive domain is:

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The classification of cognitive domain was presented by:

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Ability to develop a life style based upon the preferred value system is:

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The number of domains a taxonomies of educactiona objecitve is:

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Which is not true about lesson plan?

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Education objectives have been divided into:

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The main types of teleconferencing identified are:

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Which is not true about projects?

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To grasp the meaning of the material is:

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Student can design a laboratory according to certain specification in which category of objective:

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A good drama does not include:

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Theory of self-actualization and sense of identity was presented by:

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Which is not the objective of Drama/role play:

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Drama or role play is usedful for teaching:

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The right sequence of subgroups cognitive domain is:

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Knowing/memorizing and recalling is concerned with:

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Cognitive domain have:

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Which is not the mode of CAI?

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To use previous learned material in new situation is:

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Cooperative learning is an alternative to:

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Example of cognitive domain is:

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Which is not the type of teleconferencing?

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The highest level of learning in cognitive domain is:

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Example of psychomotor domain is that student:

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Peer culture constitutes:

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