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SS Lecturer Education Headmaster PPSC PAST MODEL PAPER No. 52

SS Lecturer Education Headmaster PPSC PAST MODEL PAPER No. 52

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National Educational policy 1979 puts emphasis on:

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Most ignored aspect in education field is:

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The main objective of teacher made test is:

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CAI stands for:

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Through pilot study we mainly ensure:

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Which type of classroom is characterized by a free-for-all?

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Sample size for experimental research should be at least:

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On Visit, educational administrator's remarks are recorded in:

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The concept of IQ was first created by:

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Positive classroom environment keeps the students motivated:

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The Education Commission 1959 was established during the Govt. of:

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WWW stands for:

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More guessing is possible through:

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Latest Trend in use of teaching strategy in the classroom is:

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In norm reference test, the comparison is between:

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BOS stands for:

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"Effort of teaching methodology on student's learning" is an example of which kind of research:

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Educational psychology is the branch of psychology which deals with teaching and learning is defined by:

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UNESCO conference held in Karachi(1960) proposed that each Asian developing country must spend ________ percent of GNP on education.

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Changing agent in our education system is:

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S.N.E is an abbreviation of:

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Strict discipline educaiton is followed in:

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The purpose of helping teachers to improve instruction is named as

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Curriculum means:

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Elements of administration according to Luther Gulick are explained as:

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Planned and systematic effort by open system of education to provide the individuals with a second chance of education is called:

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The total sum of educational experience provided by the school to its students to bring desired change in their knowledge, attitudes and skills it called:

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Microteaching technique is used to prepare the:

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A study in depth is carried out in:

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Programs learning is an example of:

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Which theory states that learning takes place as a whole:

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ECE system in public sector of Pakistan has failed. One of the most important reason is lack of:

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Staff development means:

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In POSDCORB, 'CO' stands for:

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The successfully and systematic academic working of classes in the school depends on:

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Quality teaching in Pakistan is being impelemented in real sense at the level of:

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The best sample selected for research purpose is one that is:

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Thinking with the aim of producing one correct answer is:

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In cognitive domain, the hgihest level of learning is:

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Dialectic method was developed by:

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