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PPSC Past PAPER No.42 SS Lecturer Education Headmaster MCQs

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Category : EDUCATION
Category : PPSC Past Papers & Model/Sample Papers

Topic : Education
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Test Type : Multiple Choice Questions [MCQ’s]

Time Limit : 40 Minutes
Total MCQ’s : 40

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SS Lecturer Education Headmaster PPSC PAST MODEL PAPER No. 42

SS Lecturer Education Headmaster PPSC PAST MODEL PAPER No. 42

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Who raised the slogan Back to nature

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Which is not the nature of philosophy

3 / 40

Religious education is strongly advocated by

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Vast of sill in scope

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Instrument used for measuring sample of behavior is

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Facility value of less than 0.20 means

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Human institutions are one mass of folly and contradiction. Whose statement is this

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Who said, Reverse and usual practice and you will almost always do right

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The lest is scope is

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The purpose of the evaluation is to make

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In norm referenced test the comparison is between

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The aim of education according to the existentialism is

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What is the goals of education according to idealism

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Which is not Naturalism's aim Education

15 / 40

Procedures used to determine person abilities is

16 / 40

Which branch of philosophy examines issues pertaining to the nature of reality

17 / 40

The Realist's aim of education is

18 / 40

According to which school of philosophy of education, exaltation of individual's personality is a function of education

19 / 40

On what is based the need for teaching philosophy of education

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Which among the following does not fit into the scheme of educational goals of the idealists

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The purpose of formative evaluation is

22 / 40

Broader in meaning is

23 / 40

Limited to quantitative description of pupil's performance is

24 / 40

Which school maintained self-expressed with the accompanying cries of no Interference, no restrain

25 / 40

A sum of questions is

26 / 40

The purpose of evaluation is to make judgment about educational

27 / 40

In which question marking will be more reliable

28 / 40

Evaluation that monitors learning progress is

29 / 40

Naturalist's conception of man is

30 / 40

Which, ranch of philosophy deals were knowledge, tis structure, method and validity

31 / 40

Which school held the View, God makes all things good; man meddles with the become evil

32 / 40

Objective type question have advantage over essay type because such questions

33 / 40

Which philosophy of education considers psychology as an incomplete study of and an inadequate basis of educational theory

34 / 40

Permanent difficulties in learning arc investigated in

35 / 40

The process of obtaining numerical value is

36 / 40

A formal and systematic procedure of getting information is

37 / 40

The first step in measurement is

38 / 40

Which statement is not correct about Naturalism

39 / 40

Which school maintained Nature impulses of, the child re of great importance and re good in themselves

40 / 40

To assess achievement at the end of instruction is

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