General Knowledge Questions Answers PPSC Past Papers No.5

General Knowledge PPSC Past Papers No. 5

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Topic : General Knowledge Quiz No.5
Basic Purpose : Online Preparation for Competition and Commission Exams for different Jobs/Recruitments in United States ( USA ) , Australia, Canada, Marshal islands, United Kingdom ( UK ), Germany, Switzerland, Brazil, New Zealand, Italy, England, Pakistan , India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Afghanistan, Iran, China, Luxemburg, Finland, Austria , Canada, Sweden ,Ireland, Denmark, Singapore, Norway , Netherlands.
Test Type : Multiple Choice Questions [MCQs]

Time Limit : 50 Minutes
Total MCQ’s : 50

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General Knowledge PPSC PAST PAPER No. 5

General Knowledge PPSC PAST PAPER No. 5

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Favourite place for Hollywood film production is

2 / 50

Which country suffered the maximum in world war 2nd

3 / 50

TA stands for

4 / 50

Which of the following country has lion as its emblem

5 / 50

Which of the following country has rose as its national flower

6 / 50

Mostly bank notes in the world are made of what

7 / 50

Which of the following country has Rand as it's currency

8 / 50

What was the real name of Shah WaliUllah

9 / 50

Which state of USA is called the mother of president

10 / 50

AU stands for

11 / 50

Which country has largest area under cultivation

12 / 50

Lime is the capital of which country

13 / 50

Which of the following country has the world's smallest note

14 / 50

10 downing street is the official residence of the Prime Minister of which country

15 / 50

A piece of land surrounded by water on three sides is called

16 / 50

What is Archipelago

17 / 50

Which of the following is the weakest currency in the world

18 / 50

The first bank note was originated in China. What was it know as at the time of Invention

19 / 50

What happens when sun's rays are vertical Oil the equator

20 / 50

FATF stands for

21 / 50

Which of the following country has Australian dollar as it's currency

22 / 50

in what direction earth rotates on it's axis

23 / 50

Which country has it's parliament named as National congress

24 / 50

Which country has the highest number of official languages

25 / 50

Which of the following country has Ruble as it's currency

26 / 50

Which country has the largest army

27 / 50

Which of the following is the commercial crop

28 / 50

Which of the following country has it's capital name same as country's name

29 / 50

Which of the following country is the smallest by area

30 / 50

Which of the following country is the smallest by population after Vatican city

31 / 50

Which country has eleven official languages

32 / 50

GMT stands for

33 / 50

Where is the Attock Refinery

34 / 50

Which of the following is the most traded currency in the world

35 / 50

Which country is called The Land of White Elephants

36 / 50

A system of wind in which wind blows spirally toward the center of low pressure is called

37 / 50

The world biggest oil refinery is situated

38 / 50

Which of the following country has it's capital name same as country's name

39 / 50

Which of the following is the word's oldest currency

40 / 50

The Way of the World is written by

41 / 50

Which of the following countries bas Rupee as it's currency

42 / 50

How many seats presently FATA has in National Assembly

43 / 50

Which of the following country has Rial as it's currency

44 / 50

Which of the following is the strongest currency in the world

45 / 50

Which of the following country has world's larges note

46 / 50

Which country is called Rainbow Nation

47 / 50

PkMAP stands for

48 / 50

Tripoli is the capital of which country

49 / 50

Where proposed Kala Bagh dam is located

50 / 50

Theresa May is the prime minister of which country

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