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SS Lecturer Education Headmaster PPSC Past PAPER No. 6

PPSC SPSC FPSC past Papers 2023 MCQs with answers download pdf Lecturer Education, Subject Specialist, SS, Headmaster, Headmistress, Senior Headmistress, caravan books for ppsc pdf free download, dogar books by Imtiaz Shahid Education.

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Topic : Education
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Test Type : Multiple Choice Questions [MCQ’s]

Time Limit : 50 Minutes
Total MCQ’s : 50

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SS Lecturer Education Headmaster PPSC Old PAPER No. 6

SS Lecturer Education Headmaster PPSC Old PAPER No. 6

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How many basic components of curriculum have

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The first step in conducting an experiment is

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Who is the founder of discovery learning

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If a researcher uses a tape of legend from a Tribal elder as a source of data, he is using a data source known as a/an

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What is the merit of microteaching

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What is the correct meaning of the word 'Craving'

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The final product of measurement is

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Interest that is ignited through outward force like awards, monetary or material things is

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defined evaluation as a process of delineating obtaining and providing useful information for judging decision alternatives

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The oldest search engine among the following is

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Learning depends largely. on the setting particularly including the use of materials in which the process goes on is called

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Sadler Commission was formed In

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___is not an objective of Formal Education

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The University Grants Commission bas started training programme for teachers of

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The process in which the strengths and weaknesses of the curriculum are identified is called

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September 8 each year is observed throughout the world as

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Democratic administration is based on

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Reuters is the famous news agency of

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Permanency is more real than change is said by the teacher believing in the philosophy of

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Teach-reteach, feedback & re-feedback is gain too much in the technique/ methodology

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Willingness to begin new activities and explore new directions is

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Ceylon was re-named as Sri Lanka in

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Knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis and evaluatioi are objectives from which of the following domains

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Aims are

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Behaviorism is associated with

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Sir William Hunter Commission (Indian Education Commission) was formed in

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Negative reinforcement occurs when behavior

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Muslims art mostly developed was in

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CAI stands for

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Mr. Asad wants to be certain that his students understand that he has high expectations for them. Therefore, he gives a very difficult exam during the first week of school. Which principle of getting off to the right start did Mr. Asad ignore

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The test measures what we intend to measure. This quality of the test is called

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Positive classroom environment keeps students motivated for

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Ontology deals with

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The Commission on National Education, appointed by a resolution adopted by the Government of Paklstan on

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Skinner would have probably advocated using

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The Headquarters of the World trade organization (WTO) is located in

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Charter Act was passed in

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When every member of the accessible population has an equal chance of being selected to participate in the study, the researcher is using

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IQ stands for

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Which principle is contributed by Skinner in the field of Psychology

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Inner faculties and intellectual processing are concerned with

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Research that is done to understand an event from the past is known as

43 / 50

A common misconception about multiple-choice test items is that they

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Panel dialogue Is a type of

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Change in education leads to the change in

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Which philosopher compiled Kindergarten education system

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In October 1905 the Province of Bengal was partitioned when Lord was the Viceroy

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Learning to read is a complex

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1,9,25,49 _

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Knowledge is compartmentalized in

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