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SS Lecturer Education Headmaster PPSC Past PAPER No. 19

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Topic : Education
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Time Limit : 50 Minutes
Total MCQ’s : 50

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SS Lecturer Education Headmaster PPSC Old PAPER No. 19

SS Lecturer Education Headmaster PPSC Old PAPER No. 19

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The essential attributes of a state are

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Modernization implies mobility which may be of any kind except

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The importance of the Patriarchal theory of the origin Of State

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The variable whose effect is sought is called

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Period starting from Zygote to 250-300 days is

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Education is the process of natural development of the child into a enjoyable, rational, harmoniously balanced, escful and hence, natural life. Which school of philosophy of education believes that

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In simple societies, deviations from an appropriate day to day behavior are corrected by such social Controls as

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Political aim of education is

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What is not involved in leadership

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Period starting from 13 years to 19 years is

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Classical conditioning was presented by

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Child Development study is useful for

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Independent variable is applied to

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The founder Behaviorism is

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The word psychology is derived from

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Method in which keen study of any event or behavior is made is

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In the absence of law, which of the following help in maintaining social order in simple societies

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Who among the following thinkers is not associated with the theory of Social Contract

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Concrete operation occurs at the age of

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Which is not the hereditary factor

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Which among the following is the advantage that does not come to the followers under a specific leadership

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How many factors effect growth

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Who was the profounder of the Patriarchal theory of the state

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In which of the following works the theory of Social contract was first propounded

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Cognitive development deals with

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The state of nature is

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Life of an individual starts from

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What is the status of political interference in education

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Which of the following sanctions can be applied for an offence by an Individual in simple societies

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Period starting from 2 - 7 years in cognitive development is

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How many groups are usually made in experimental method

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Period starting from birth to two weeks is

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Due to Social Contract man

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Study of behavior under controlled conditions is

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Which is not characteristic of modernization

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Which one is not the environmental factor

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The ability to solve problems in the new environment is the definition of

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Sensory disabilities are studied in

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Evaluate the viewpoint The child knows better than any cducator what he should learn, when and how he should learn It

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Period starting from 7 - 12 years in cognitive development is

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On whose help are the educational institution depend maximum

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Child forgets the things out Of sight in

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How many stages of cognitive development are described by Jean Piaget

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A state has a large population but not sufficient territory. What among the following it cannot do

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Growth of children is studied in

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The variable which is effect by independent variable is called

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Period starting from birth to two years in cognitive development

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Child describes himself unsystematically

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Which institution has maximum control over education

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Period from 12 years and onward in cognitive development is

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