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Level :  BS English / MA English Quiz No.18

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Test Type : Multiple Choice Questions [MCQs]
TEST No. 18
Multiple Choice Questions from Text Book
Note : All MCQ’s selected in this test are from BS / MA ENGLISH SYLLABUS.

Approved By : Higher Education Commission Islamabad
Test Type : MCQ’s
Exam conduct By : All Universities inside Pakistan
Class / Grade  : BS / MA ENGLISH [Master in Arts]
Total MCQ :  48
Total Marks : 48
Total Time :   48 minutes 


BS / MA English - Test No. 18

BS / MA English - Test No. 18

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What happened shortly after the Ancient Mariner shot the Albatross

2 / 48

Which of these poems is probably about sexually, transmitted disease

3 / 48

William Blake received formal education in only one subject

4 / 48

What bird that flew overhead was considered a good omen by the Mariner and his crew

5 / 48

What did the sailors dream was causing their plight

6 / 48

What did the sailors do with the Albatross's corpse

7 / 48

The Wedding Guest is on his way to (do) what

8 / 48

Whom does Blake tell to Mock on, Mock on

9 / 48

Which work contains a title page depicting a naked man throwing himself upon a scantily clad woman, while another woman looks on

10 / 48

Which of the following adjectives does NOT describe the strange world into which the sailors are blown

11 / 48

How did the sailors react when they first spotted the Albatross

12 / 48

Other than rhyme, what is the meaning of the word rime

13 / 48

Which of the following is not one of Blake's major prophetic books

14 / 48

What happened at the rising of the moon

15 / 48

Did Blake teach his wife to read

16 / 48

Whose mother died when he Was very young and who was sold before his tongue / Could scarcely cry

17 / 48

In what portion of The Marriage of Heaven and Hell do we find Drive your cart and your plow over the bones of the dead

18 / 48

Where does the Ancient Mariner's initial encounter occur

19 / 48

According to Bumet's epigraph, why must man attempt to understand the infinite

20 / 48

In what direction was the ship sailing before the bird of good arrived

21 / 48

When he died, Blake had been working on illustrations for the writing of which author

22 / 48

The ship sailed calmly and contently until

23 / 48

What happened shortly after the Albatross appeared

24 / 48

Which of the following does NOT describe the Ancient Mariner

25 / 48

Who was binding with briars the poet's joys and desires in The Garden of Love

26 / 48

Why did the Ancient Mariner shoot the Albatross

27 / 48

Why does the Wedding Guest eventually sit down to hear the Ancient Mariner's tale

28 / 48

The Ancient Mariner stoppeth one of how many

29 / 48

Who are the daughters of Albion

30 / 48

Blake once pushed a soldier out of his garden and all the way to a nearby inn, where the soldier was quartered. The soldier then charged Blake with what

31 / 48

Ice, mast high came floating by as II

32 / 48

What was the sailors initial reaction after the Ancient Mariner killed the Albatross

33 / 48

Why were the sailors so thirsty

34 / 48

Which of the following books. according to Blake, contained all he knew

35 / 48

Which book is subtitled Showing the Two Contrary States of the Human Soul

36 / 48

Whose sigh runs in blood down Palace walls

37 / 48

What sort of creatures appeared in the water after the Albatross's death

38 / 48

Who says, And then I'll stand and stroke his silver hair, And be like him, and he will then love me

39 / 48

How did the sailors treat the Albatross

40 / 48

Why couldnt the ship sail any further

41 / 48

In To Autumn Blake describes Autumn as laden with fruit, and stained / With the blood of the What belongs in the blank

42 / 48

What was the sailors second reaction after the Ancient Mariner killed the Albatross

43 / 48

What monk said of William Blake As for the other Romantics how feeble and hysterical their inspirations seem next to the tremendously genuine and spiritual fire of William Blake

44 / 48

What accompanied the ship along with the Albatross

45 / 48

Why does the Ancient Mariner stop the Wedding Guest and not one of his companions

46 / 48

What is an albatross

47 / 48

Complete this line from 'The Tyger' Did he smile his work to see? Did he who made the make thee

48 / 48

Blake was a rousing success not only as a poet but also as a painter, with his one-man show drawing enormous crowds. Is this statement true or false

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