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PHYSICS – Class 12
Chapter No. 2 [Test No. 2]
Multiple Choice Questions from Text Book
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Book Name :  Physics – II
Chapter No.  2
Chapter Name : Quadratic Equations
Total MCQ from Text Book :  72
Book Version  :

Published By : Punjab Text Book Board Lahore
Approved By : Govt of the Punjab and Federal Ministry for Education
Test Type : MCQ’s
Exam conduct By : Matric Boards of Sindh, KPK, Balochistan, AJK, Gilgit Baltistan, Punjab & Federal
Class / Grade  : 12 ( F.Sc. )
Total Marks : 72
Total Time :   72 minutes 




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A cell of emf E volt, internal resistance r ohm is being changed, Then the terminal potential difference is;

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A main line has a power of 11kw. Which of the following is the maximum number of 100 watt bulbs connected for full glow?

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The resistance of a conductor is 5ω at 50C0 and 6ω at 100C0. Which of the following is its resistance at 0C0

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Kirchhoff s second rule is according to law of conservation of:

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An electric bulb of 100 watt is connected to supply of 220V. Which of the following is the resistance of filament?

6 / 72

A current flowing towards a point is taken as:

7 / 72

You are given three bulbs of 25W, 40W and 60W. Which of them has lowest resistance?

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Two wires of same metal have the same length but their area are in the ratio 3:1. The two wires are connected in series. The resistance of thicker wire is 10ω. What is total resistance of combination?

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E is emf of a battery. What will be the potential drop across terminals an external resistance R = r (internal resistance) is connected across it

10 / 72

The resistance of a wire is R. It is cut into four equal parts and bundled together in parallel. The equivalent resistance will be:

11 / 72

The length of a potentiometer wire is 100 em and the emf of the standard cell is E volts. It is used to measure the emf of a battery of internal resistance 0.5. If the balancing point is obtained at 30 cm from positive end, then emf of the battery is (I - current in the potentiometer wire)

12 / 72

Of the two bulbs in a house, one glow brighter than the other. Which of the following has larger resistance

13 / 72

Kirchhoff s first rule is the manifestation of the law of conservation of:

14 / 72

The unit of electrical energy is:

15 / 72

Which once is used to determine the internal resistance of a cell?

16 / 72

A copper wire is connected across a battery. The drift velocity of electron is V. If another wire of same length and double the radius is connected across the same battery, The drift velocity will be

17 / 72

If an electric current is passed through the nerve, the man

18 / 72

A 100W and 25W bulb are connected in series with a 220 V supply. Which of the following is the net power consumed?

19 / 72

The resistance of a 60 watt bulb in a 120 volt line is: 3

20 / 72

The amount of heat produced in a resistor when a current is passed through it can be found using

21 / 72

The emf of a cell is E, it is supplying current in an external circuit of resistance R. If terminal applying potential difference is V, then the internal resistance "r" of the cell is:

22 / 72

Sum of all the currents meeting at a point in the circuit is zero (i.e. ∑I = 0), is the statement of:

23 / 72

A uniform resistance wire of length L and diameter D has a resistance R. Another wire of same material has length 4L and diameter 2D, its resistance will be

24 / 72

The resistance of discharge tube is

25 / 72

The drift velocity of the free electron in a conducting wire carrying a current "I" is "v". If in a wire of the same metal, but the double the radius, the current b "2i", then the drift velocity of electrons will be:

26 / 72

Which of the following is the appropriate material to be used in the construction of resistance box

27 / 72

The maximum output power gives the value

28 / 72

Kirchhoff s first rule is also known as: .

29 / 72

The terminal potential difference of a battery is equal to its emf when circuit is:

30 / 72

A complex system consisting of a number of resistors and voltage sources and can be solved by:

31 / 72

The maximum power (Pout) is delivered to a load resistance R, when the internal resistance of the source is:

32 / 72

Electromotive force is closely related to:

33 / 72

A car battery has emf 12V and. internal resistance 5 < 10-2ω. If it draw 60 A current, the terminal voltage of battery will Be:

34 / 72

Wheatstone bridge is used to:

35 / 72

Which of the following is commercial unit of electricity?

36 / 72

The resistance of a wire is 1ω. Which of the following is new resistance if length of wire is doubled?

37 / 72

For an open circuit:

38 / 72

When the Wheatstone Bridge is balanced then:

39 / 72

A wire of resistance R is stretched four times its length uniformly. Its new resistance will be:

40 / 72

A heater coil is cut into two equal parts and only one part is now used is heater. The heat generated now will be:

41 / 72

In potentiometer, the ratio of emf is equal to ratio of balancing:

42 / 72

The maximum output power delivered to a load resistance is given by:

43 / 72

A current flowing away from a point is taken as:

44 / 72

Ampere hour is unit of

45 / 72

An electric fan draws a current of 5 ampere at 220 volts, its power is:

46 / 72

The electrical energy is converted to heat at the rate of:

47 / 72

The SI unit of electromotive force (emf) is:

48 / 72

The resistivity of a wire depends on its

49 / 72

Which of the following bulbs has the least resistance:

50 / 72

Terminal potential difference of a battery is equal to its emf when its internal resistance is:

51 / 72

Primary cell are connected in parallel to

52 / 72

An instrument which can measure potential without drawing any current is called:

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A carbon resistance reads red-red-black. What is its resistance?

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Slide wire bridge is a practical form of:

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Three resistance of 3ω are connected in such a way that net resistance is 2ω then

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For an open circuit, the current flowing through the circuit will be:

57 / 72

Kirchhoff s current rule obeys the conservation of

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The emf is the "cause" and potential difference is its:

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A piece of copper and a piece of germanium are cooled from the room temperature down 80K,

60 / 72

If resistivity of a potentiometer wire be ρ and area of cross-section be A. If I is current through the potentiometer wire then what will be potential gradient along the wire?

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The energy supplied to unit charge by the cell is called:

62 / 72

Terminal potential difference of a battery is greater than its emf when: ,

63 / 72

The algebraic sum of potential changes for a complete circuit is zero, is a statement of:

64 / 72

The reciprocal of resistance is called

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Heat generated by a 40 watts bulb in one hour is:

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In which form energy is stored in a battery?

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Mass of substance librated during electrolysis in a given time depends upon

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How many electrons constitute current of one ampere?

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The condition for the Wheatstone bridge to be balanced is given by:

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Internal resistance is the resistance offered by:

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Sensitivity of a potentiometer can be increased by

72 / 72

Potentiometer is used to:

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