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PHYSICS – Class 12
Chapter No. 2 (Test No. 1)
Multiple Choice Questions from Text Book
Note : All MCQ’s selected in this test are from OLD board Papers and Text Book.

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Book Name :  Physics
Chapter No.  2 (Test No. 1 )
Total MCQ from Text Book :  73
Book Version  :

Published By : Punjab Text Book Board Lahore
Approved By : Govt of the Punjab and Federal Ministry for Education
Test Type : MCQ’s
Exam conduct By : Matric Boards of Sindh, KPK, Balochistan, AJK, Gilgit Baltistan, Punjab & Federal
Class / Grade  : 12 ( F.Sc.)
Total Marks : 73
Total Time :   73 minutes 




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The graphical representation of Ohms law is:

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The resistance of a wire is directly proportional to its:

3 / 73

If the diameter of a wire is doubled, then its resistance will:

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A platinum wire has resistance of 10Ω at 0°C and 20Ω at 273°C. Its value of temperature coefficient is:

5 / 73

A silver band resistor shows a tolerance of: .

6 / 73

Heating effect caused by an electric circuit is written as:

7 / 73

The drift velocity of electrons is of the order of:

8 / 73

Three resistance 1Ω, 2Ω and 3Ω are connected in series by a battery of 6 volts then the current flowing through each resistor will be:

9 / 73

The speed of randomly moving electrons depends upon:

10 / 73

The resistance of a wire increases with increase in:

11 / 73

The unit of conductance is:

12 / 73

The substances whose resistance decreases with increase in temperature have:

13 / 73

The presence of electric current is detected by its:

14 / 73

The reciprocal of the resistivity of a material is called:

15 / 73

The resistance of a conductor at absolute zero (OK) is:

16 / 73

The substance having negative temperature coefficient is:

17 / 73

The possible variation of resistor from the marked value means:

18 / 73

Semiconductor is the example of:

19 / 73

The potential difference across each resistance in parallel combination is:

20 / 73

The resistance of a conductor does not depend on its:

21 / 73

What is the current in a 5 x 105 ohm resistor having a potential difference of 5 x 102 volts?

22 / 73

If the resistance of 2, 3 and 6 ohms are connected in parallel, their equivalent resistance is:

23 / 73

Power dissipated in resistor can be calculated by the expression:

24 / 73

A heat sensitive resistor is called:

25 / 73

The device which converts heat into electrical energy is:

26 / 73

The rate of loss of energy is called:

27 / 73

The velocity of the free electrons at room temperature due to their thermal motion is:

28 / 73

Ohm is defined as:

29 / 73

Which of the following represents the electric current?

30 / 73

The colour code of carbon resistor consists of:

31 / 73

Thermo-couple converts heat energy into:

32 / 73

During the electrolysis of CuSO2 copper is deposited at:

33 / 73

The SI unit of resistivity is:

34 / 73

The current which passes from a point at higher potential to a point at lower potential is called:

35 / 73

A gold band resistor shows a tolerance of:

36 / 73

The liquid which conduct current is known as:

37 / 73

The potential difference across each resistance in series combination is:

38 / 73

Free electrons are those which are:

39 / 73

The thermistors convert change of temperature into:

40 / 73

Electric generator converts mechanical energy into:

41 / 73

Solar cells converts sun light directly into:

42 / 73

The SI unit of current is:

43 / 73

One coulomb per second is equal to:

44 / 73

The wire wound over an insulating cylinder of a rhcostat is made of:

45 / 73

The SI unit of temperature coefficient of resistance or resistivity of a material is:

46 / 73

The current across each resistance in series combination is:

47 / 73

A thermistor is a heat sensitive:

48 / 73

The property of a substance which opposes the flow of current is called:

49 / 73

Heat energy dissipated in a resistor "R" when connected to a battery of "V" volts and current "I" ampere flowing through it for time "t" is given by:

50 / 73

The resistance of a wire is inversely proportional to its:

51 / 73

Thermistors with high negative temperature coefficient are very accurate for measuring low temperature near:

52 / 73

The conventional current is due to flow of:

53 / 73

The heating effect of current is used in:

54 / 73

If the resistances R1, R2and R3 are connected in series, then the equivalent resistance is:

55 / 73

A wire of uniform area of cross section "A" length "L" and resistance "R" is cut into two equal parts. The resistivity of each part:

56 / 73

The uniform velocity gained by the electrons in a conductor placed in an electric field is called:

57 / 73

An electric current in a wire involves the movement of:

58 / 73

The resistance of a meter cube of the substance is called:

59 / 73

The filament bulb does not obey Ohms law because:

60 / 73

The process of coating a thin layer of some expensive metal on an article of some cheap metal is called:

61 / 73

Power dissipated as heat in the conductor of resistance "R" due to electric current "I" is given by:

62 / 73

The fractional change in resistance per Kelvin is known as:

63 / 73

In electrolyte, the charge carries are:

64 / 73

A wire has a current of 5A in it. How much charge passes through a point in the wire in 2 minutes?

65 / 73

If the resistances R1, R2and R3 are connected in parallel, then the equivalent resistance is:

66 / 73

The thermistors are in the form of:

67 / 73

In gases, the charge carriers are:

68 / 73

In Ohms law, which factor remains constant:

69 / 73

The current through a metallic conductor is due to motion of:

70 / 73

The vessel containing the two electrodes and the liquid is known as:

71 / 73

If there is no fourth band, it means tolerance is:

72 / 73

The reciprocal of the resistance is called:

73 / 73

A rhcostat can be used as:

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