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Category : EDUCATION
Category : M.Ed (Master in Education)

Basic Purpose : Online Preparation for Competition and Commission Exams for different Jobs/Recruitments in Pakistan , India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Afghanistan, Iran and China etc.
Test Type : Multiple Choice Questions [MCQ’s]

Time Limit : 69 Minutes

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Education - Educational Psychology and Guidance Test No. 05

Education - Educational Psychology and Guidance Test No. 05

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The major responsibility of the counselor:

2 / 69

Most school consider children who to be gifted:

3 / 69

Guidance helps the:

4 / 69

In which of the following cases would find the greatest similarity in 1Q?

5 / 69

Always having been a good Student, Irving is confident that he will do well in his Psychology course. According to Bandura s social learning theory, learning would be said to have:

6 / 69

In counseling a student, a counselor should make it a point:

7 / 69

Main Purpose of guidance is:

8 / 69

The Cumulative record includes:

9 / 69

Girls who mature ________ and boys who mature seem to have a greater risk for psychological problems and social difficulties:

10 / 69

In a Skinner box, the dependent variable is:

11 / 69

According to Rescorla, the strength of a conditioned response depends on:

12 / 69

On most modern IQ tests, a score of 115 would be:

13 / 69

The cephalocaudal trend in the motor development of children can be described simply as a:

14 / 69

Selecting appropriate course of study is a function of:

15 / 69

The key for successful counseling is:

16 / 69

Skinner maintained that reinforcement determines the ___________ of a response; Bandura maintains that reinforcement determines the ________ of a response:

17 / 69

According to the two-process theory, a fear response is acquired due to____________ conditioning; it is maintained due to __________ conditioning:

18 / 69

Males have been found to differ slightly from females in three well-documented areas of mental abilities, Which of the following is not one of these?

19 / 69

If a test has good test-retest reliability:

20 / 69

Which of the following is now a way in which men s and women s career development differ?

21 / 69

The Featured Study on the effects of early family relations on sexual maturation found:

22 / 69

The Strongest support for the theory that personality is heavily influenced by genetics is provided by strong Personality similarity between:

23 / 69

A primary reinforcer has ___________reinforcing properties;
a secondary reinforcer has____________reinforcing properties:

24 / 69

During the second year of life, toddlers begin to take some personal responsibility for feeding, dressing, and bathing themselves in an attempt to establish what Erikson calls a sense of:

25 / 69

An organized cluster of knowledge about a particular object or sequence of events is called as:

26 / 69

Freud believed that most personality disturbances are due to:

27 / 69

According to Miller, the capacity of short-term memory is:

28 / 69

Which statement best represents current evidence on the durability of long-term storage?

29 / 69

The main purpose of guidance is to:

30 / 69

The link between physical punishment and subsequent aggressive behavior is probably best explained by:

31 / 69

IQ tests have proven to be good predictors of:

32 / 69

Guidance should be emphasized because it:

33 / 69

The major responsibility of counselor is:

34 / 69

When the development of the same subjects is studied over a period of time, the study is called a:

35 / 69

Which of the following approach a least deterministic?

36 / 69

The 2-year-old child who refers to every four-legged animal as "doggie" is making which of the following errors?

37 / 69

Positive reinforcement ______________ the rate of responding; negative reinforcement the rate of responding:

38 / 69

Which of the following statements is (are) true?

39 / 69

Which of the following is a true statement about mental retardation?

40 / 69

The quality of infant-caregiver attachment depend:

41 / 69

Which of the following is not one of the criticisms of Piaget s theory of cognitive development?

42 / 69

The first duty of the counselor is:

43 / 69

The steady, rapid responding of a person playing a slot machine is an example of the pattern. of responding typically generated on a_________ Schedule.

44 / 69

Research suggests that bilingualism has a negative effect on:

45 / 69

Sixteen-year-old Foster wants to spend a few years experimenting with different lifestyles and careers before he settles on who and what he wants to be. Foster is in the adolescent phase called:

46 / 69

When you try to narrow down a list of alternatives to arrive at a single correct answer, you engaged in:

47 / 69

Five-year-old David watches as you pour water. From a short, wide glass into a tall, narrow one. He says there is now more water than before. This response demonstrates that:

48 / 69

Based on the work with Kanzi, which statement best summarized the current status of the research on whether chimps can learn language?

49 / 69

Which -of the following does not belong with the others?

50 / 69

Evidence indicating that upbringing affects one s mental ability is provided by which of the the following findings?

51 / 69

Which of the following did Carl Rogers believe fosters a congruent self-concept?

52 / 69

The second step in a self-modification program is to:

53 / 69

Breland and Breland described how animals innate responses can distort conditioning processes, a phenomenon they called:

54 / 69

Which of the following learning mechanisms does B.F. Skinner see as being the major means by which behavior is learned?

55 / 69

Developmental norms:

56 / 69

Getting information into memory is called _______; getting information out of memory is called:

57 / 69

Watson and Rayner(1920) conditioned "Little Albert" to fear white rats by banging a hammer on a steel bar as he played with a white rat. Loater, it was discovered that Albert feared not only white rats but white stuffed toys and Santa s beard as well. Alberts fear of these other objects can be attributed to:

58 / 69

If a childs primary reason for are not drawing pictures on the living room wall with crayons is to avoid the punishment that would inevitably follow this behavior, she would be said to be at which level of moral development?

59 / 69

The stage of prenatal development during which the developing organism is most vulnerable to injury is the:

60 / 69

According to Alfred Adler, the prime motivating force in a persons life is:

61 / 69

The primary purpose of guidance is:

62 / 69

The phenomenon of higher-order conditioning shows that:

63 / 69

homsky proposed that children learn a language:

64 / 69

The word is big is flashed on a screen. A mental picture of the word big represents a____________ code; the definition "large is size" represents a________ code; "sounds like pig" represents a__________ code:

65 / 69

In guidance, the role of teacher is as:

66 / 69

The linguistic relatively hypothesis is the notion that:

67 / 69

Mr. and Mrs. Proudparent are beaming because their son, little Newton, has been selected for a gifted children program at school, The think Newton is a genius. What sort of advice do they need to hear?

68 / 69

If you score at the 75th percentile on a standardized test, this mean, that:

69 / 69

Which of the following is Francis Galton?

Your score is

The average score is 28%


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