PHYSICS 2nd Year MCQs Chapter No.7 ELECTRONICS Test No.1

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PHYSICS – 2nd Year
Chapter Name : ELECTRONICS
Chapter No. 7  [ Test No.1 ]
Multiple Choice Questions
Note : All MCQ’s selected in this test are from OLD F.Sc. board , UHS and PMC(Pakistan Medical Commission) Islamabad Papers.


Book Name :  PHYSICS
Chapter No. 7 ( Test No. 1 )
Chapter Name : ELECTRONICS 
Total MCQ from Text Book :  107
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Approved By : Govt of the Punjab and Federal Ministry for Education
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A single silicon photovoltaic cell produces a small voltage of

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The output of NAND gate isso when:

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For normal operation of transistor, the battery:

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A complete amplifier circuit made on a silicon chip and enclosed in a small capsule is called:

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When the p-n junction is forward biased, current flows through the junction due to

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The valve of potential barrier for silicon at room temperature is:

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The gate which perform the operation of inversion or complementation is called:

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Automatic functioning of street lights can be done by the use of:

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If R1 = infinity and R2 = 0, then gain of non-inverting amplifier is:

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A system which deals with quantities or variables which has two discrete values or states is called:

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In full wave rectification:

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The central region of the transistor is known as:

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When we are using op-amp as comparator and V- < V+ then:

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Potential barrier in a diode:

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Due to high value of the input resistance, practically, the value of the current which flows between the input terminals is:

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p-n junction after some development can be used as:

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Which one of the following is the most, important building block of any complex electronic circuit?

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In describing functions of digital systems, a OFF bulb will be described as:

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Photodiodes can be used:

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In a half wave rectifier, the diode conducts:

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The SI unit of voltage gain is:

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A diode characteristics curve is a plot between:

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Digital system can be best carried if it is represented by binary digits:

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The value of input resistance of op-amp is of the order of:

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When the p-n junction is reverse biased, current flows through it, is of the order of:

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Conversion of low AC voltage into high.AC voltage is called:

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The open loop gain of op-amp is of the order of:

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When we are using op-amp as comparator and V- > V+ then:

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For the normal operation of transistor, the emitter base junction is always:

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When the p-n junction is forward biased its resistance is in:

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In n-p-n transistor, the current flows in the direction from:

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The colour of light emitted by a LED depends on:

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In reverse biased stale an ideal p-n junction offers:

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The value of potential barrier (potential difference) for germanium (Ge) at room temperature is:

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Conversion of only one half of an A.C. into D.C. is called:

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A signal appears after amplification, at the output terminal without any change of phase, if it is applied at:

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An expression for open loop gain of an op-amp is given as:

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In p-n-p transistor, the current flows in the direction from:

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The output of AND gate will be one when:

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When a p-n junction is reverse biased, the depletion region is:

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The value of output resistance of op-amp is of the order of:

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NOR gate is used to invert the output of:

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The output of an OR gate is 1 when:

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Depletion region charge carries:

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The negative sign in the gain' of an inverting amplifier indicates that the output signal is:

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The branch of physics which deals with electrons and their controlled flow through various semi conductors devices is called:

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When the p-n junction is reverse biased, its resistance is of the order of:

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The gain G of op-amp, only depends upon:

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The output voltage of a rectifier is:

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The fundamental equation for all transistor are:

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The current gain 'β' of a transistor for CF, -transistor is given by:

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The circuit which is used to smooth the output voltage of the full wave rectifier is known as:

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Which component of the transistor has greater concentration of impurity?

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The integrated amplifier, which is used to perform mathematical operations electronically is known as:

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A transistor can be used-as a switch when:

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Which one of the following are called fundamental gates?

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Boolean algebra is based on which of the following operations:

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A transistor is a combination of:

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In photovoltaic cell, current is directly proportional to the:

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Light emitting diodes (LED) are made from special semi-conductors such, as:

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The resistance between inverting (-) and non-inverting (+) terminal of the op-amp is known as:

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When op-amp is used as inverting amplifier, which of the input terminal is grounded:

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The open loop gain of the op-amp is:

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The value of current gain of n-p-n transistor is of the order of:

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Rectification process needs:

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In forward biased start, a p-n junction offers:

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If reverse current of a reverse biased junction is increased. to a maximum value then:

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The reverse current in a p-n junction flows due to:

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The thickness of the base is of the order of:

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The process of converting an alternating current (A.C) into a direct current (D.C.) is known as:

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In semi-conductor diode, p-type end is usually referred as:

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The voltage gain of the common emitter n-p-n transistor as an amplifier is:

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Whenever a p-n junction is formed, a chargeless region is formed around the junction, which is called as:

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The number of valence electrdns in Si or Ge are:

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Photovoltaic cell converts:

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In p-n junction if p-side is at positive potential and n-side is at negative potential, then this junction is said to be

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Which one of the following gate is called inverter?

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Which one of the following diode is used for detection of light?

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For the normal operation of transistor, the collector-base junction is always:

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The voltage gain of an amplifier is written as:

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Rectification is done by:

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The output of AND gate will be zero when:

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Holes can exist in:

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The output of NOR gate is 1 when:

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When the p-n junction is forward biased, current flows through it is of the order of:

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The potential difference setup across the depletion region is called:

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Transistor was discovered by:

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Transistors with various combinations are widely used as switches in:

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Gain of non-inverting amplifier is given by:

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Gain of an inverting amplifier is given by:

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An op-amp can be used as a:

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LDR is abbreviated for:

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Transistors are made from:

94 / 107

Photovoltaic cell is formed from:

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By rectification process the current received across the load resistance R is:

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Photodiode is always connected in:

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The electronic circuits which implement the various logic operations are known as:

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The resistance between Output terminal, and ground of the amplifier is known as:

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Photovoltaic panels are generally used in:

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In transistor, which one is very thin?

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A diode cannot be used as:

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The forward resistance of the p-n junction is expressed as:

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Special algebra used in digital system is called:

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During the negative half-cycle of the rectification process, the diode is said to behave as:

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Semi-conductor materials in periodic table are located in:

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In general most of the electrical circuits make use of:

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When an n-type material is sandwiched between two p-type materials, then the transistor is

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