CHEMISTRY – 2nd Year
Chapter No. 11
Multiple Choice Questions
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Chapter No.  11
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Trertiary alcohol is obtained by treating Grignard reagent with: (RWP 2010)

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Methyl alcohol is not used: (LHR 2015)(AJK 2017)(DGK 2018)(SWL 2019)

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The phenoxide ion is more stable than ethoxide ion as (UHS 2017)

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Carbon atom in dimethyl ether is: (DGK 2014)

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Which enzyme is not involved in fermenation of starch? (LHR 2015,2018,2019)(GRW 2015,2017,2018)(SGD 2015,2017,2018)

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An alcohol is converted to an aldehyde with same number of carhon atoms as that of alcohol in the presene of K2Cr2O7/H2SO4 the alcohol is: (UHS 2011)

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Rectified spirit contains alcohol about: (FSD 2018)

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Alcohol obtained by fermentation never exceeds: (LHR 2016)(MTN 2017 GII) (SWL 2018)

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Ethanol and methanol can be distinguished by: (LHR 2016)

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The optimum temperature for fermentation is: (AJK 2014)

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Which compound is more soluble in water: (SGD 2017)(RWP 2018)(GRW 2015, 2019 GII)(LHR 2016, 2019)

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Relative acidic strength of alchol, phenol, water and carboxylic acid is (UHS 2011, 2013)

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Phenol-formaldehyde resin is called: (BWP 2015)

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Molasses undergo fermentation in the presence of enzymes: (LHR 2016)

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Order of reactivity of alcohols when C - O bond breaks is: (BWP 2014)

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Methanol can be prepared from hydrogenation of: (FSD 2015)

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Methanol is also called: (AJK 2012)

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Which compound shows maximum hydrogen bondin gwith water? (SGD 2015,2019)(BWP 2015)(RWP 2017)

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A student mixed ethyl alcohol with small amount of sodium dichromate and added it to the hot solution of dilute sulphuric acid. A vigorous reaction took place. He distlled the product formed immediately. What was product? (UHS 2014)

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Which enzyme is not involved in fermenation of starch? ( GRW 2015)(LHR 2018)

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To ensure that ethanol is not used for drinking purposes, it is converted to methylated spirit by adding (ECAT 2016)

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Which of the following is a tertiary alcohol? (UHS 2018)

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Which one of the following groups is indicated when HCl is formed by reaction of ethanol with phosphorous pentachloride? (UHS 2014)

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According to Lewis concept ethers behave as: (MTN 2015, 2018, 2019)(DGK 2019 GII) (SGD 2019 GII)

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Which one of the following was used as one of the earliest antiseptic and disinfectant? (UHS 2015)

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Which compound is called universal solvent? (LHR 2016, 2017)(DGK 2019)

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Primary, secondary and tertiary alcohols can be identified and distinguished by (UHS 2014)

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Which compound shows hydrogen bodning (LHR 2015)

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Ethanol can be converted into Ethanoic acid by: (FSD 2017)(RWP 2019)

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Which molecule out of given molecules will not form hydrogen bond with another of the given molecules? (ECAT 2015)

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Which of the following reagent will replace -OH group of alcohol by a halogen atom:

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To produce absolute alcohol (100%) from rectified spirit (95.6% alcohol), the remaining 4.4% water must be removed by a drying agent such as (UHS 2015)

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Which one of the following is NOT able to denature the ethanol? (UHS 2015)

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Which liquid is called wood spirit? (GRW 2014)

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Ethanol can be converted into ehanoic acid by (UHS 2012)

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Which compound is called a universal solvent? (SWL 2015)(GRW 2016)(LHR 2017)(DGK 2019)

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Which of the following possess higher boiling point? (BWP 2018)

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The alkaline hydrolysis of bromoethane shown below gives alcohol as the product (UHS 2012)

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Mehtanol is prepared from carbon monoxide and hydrogen. The catalyst used for this reaction is (UHS 2010)

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Which compound is more soluble in water: (AJK 2018)

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Ethanol can be prepared by fermenting the following in the presence of oxygen (ECAT 2014)

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Alcohol in which carbon atom bonded to OH group is further attached with three alkyl groups is (UHS 2018)

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Which compound will have the maximum repulsion with H2O? (BWP 2017)(DGK 2019 GII)

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Dissociation constant of phenol is (UHS 2010)

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Primary alcohols normally give us aldehydes when oxidized in the presence of Na2Cr2O7 what the product will be, when the secondary alcohols are oxidized in same conditions? (UHS 2012)

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When ethanol is warmed with ethanoic acid in the presence of strong acid catalyst, an ester ethyl ethanoate is formed. CH3CH2OH + CH3CO2OH → CH3CO2CH2CH3 + H2O, During this reaction (UHS 2012)

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Which enzyme is involved in the frermentation of glucose: (UHS 2011)

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Rectified Spirit contains alcohol about: (SGD 2015)(DGK 2018)(AJK, GRW 2019)

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How will you distinguish between methanol and ethanol? (UHS 2015)

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According to Lewis concpet ethers are: (MTN 2017, 2018, 2019)

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Ethanol can be converted into Ethanoic acid by: (BWP 2015)(DGK 2017)(FSD 2017,2019)(MTN 2019 GII)(RWP 2019)

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Methyl alcohol is not used (SWL 2019)

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Which one of the following alcohol is indicated by formation of yellow crystals in iodoform test? (UHS 2014)

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