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Chapter Name : OSCILLATIONS 
Chapter No. 7  [ Test No.2 ]
1st Year
Multiple Choice Questions
Note : All MCQ’s selected in this test are from OLD F.Sc. board , UHS and PMC(Pakistan Medical Commission) Islamabad 5-Years Papers.




Book Name :  PHYSICS
Chapter No. 7 ( Test No.2 )
Chapter Name : OSCILLATIONS 
Total MCQ from Text Book/Board/UHS/PMC Papers :  48
Book Version  :

Published By : Punjab Text Book Board Lahore
Approved By : Govt of the Punjab and Federal Ministry for Education
Test Type : MCQ’s
Exam conduct By : Inter Boards of Sindh, KPK, Balochistan, AJK, Gilgit Baltistan, Punjab & Federal
Class / Grade  : 11 ( F.Sc. Intermediate)
Total Marks : 48
Total Time :   48 minutes

Grade 11 - Physics - Chapter 7 - OSCILLATIONS - Test No. 2

Grade 11 - Physics - Chapter 7 - OSCILLATIONS - Test No. 2

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Mass attached to spring is pulled slowly from mean position to xo. Then the work done will be (RWP 2013)

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Two copper wires of lengths l and 2l are streched by a force F. If the cross sectional area of wire of length l is A, what is the cross sectional area of the wire of length 2l if the extension in both wires is same? (UET 2017)

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The total energy of mass spring system independent of: (AJK 2016)

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Energy stored in spring is: (MTN 2016 GII)

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A spring of spring constant 10 N/m after loading the amplitude is 2m. Then the maximum P.E. is: (GRW 2017)

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What should be the ratio of kinetic energy to total enregy for simple harmonic oscillator? (UHS 2015)

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A simple pendulum is completing 20 vibration in 5 seconds, its frequency is, (SGD 2019 GII)

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In mass spring system, 1/2 kxo2 represents: (FSD 2019 GII)

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Coherent monochromatic light illuminates two narrow parallel slits and the interference pattern which results is observed on a screen some distance beyond the slits. Which of the following modifications will increase the separation between the dark lines of the interference pattern? (UET 2017)

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The frequency of waves produced in microwave oven is: (MTN 2016 GI)

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If the length of simple pendulum is doubled then its time (DGK 2019 GI)

12 / 48

The velocity and acceleration of a particle performing S.H.M have a steady phase relationship.The acceleration shows a. phase lead over the velocity of: (UHS 2017)

13 / 48

Frequency audible to human hearing lies in the range: (UHS 2016)

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A simple pendulum with length l is known to oscillate with a period T seconds. If the length of the pendulum is increased to 2l and the maximum displacement of the pendulum remains the same, the total energy of the system will: (UET 2017)

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In a simple harmonic motion with a radius 'Xo', the velocity of the particle at any point is: (UHS 2013)

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√ l/g and √ m/k has same: (RWP 2019 GI)

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Food being cooked in microwave oven is an example of: (UHS 2014)

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The process by which the energy is dissipated from an oscillating system called (DGK 2017)

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When the amplitude of wave becomes double, its energy becomes (SGD 2016 GI)(DGK 2018 GI)

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What is the torque acting on the pendulum of length L inclined at an angle θ: (UHS 2011)

21 / 48

The time period 'T' of a simple pendulum depends on its length "I" and acceleration due to gravity 'g'. Using units or dimension the correct equation for time period is: (UHS 2016)

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A particle executes 3.1-1:M with frequency 1. The frequency of variation of its maximum or minimum kinetic energy is: (UHS 2017)

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The P.E. stored by a mass spring system at an extension of 2cm is 10J. The P.E. stored by the same system at an extension of 4cm will be: (FSD 2016)

24 / 48

Is S.H.M the kinetic energy of the body is maximum when: (UHS 2018)

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Frequency of simple pendulum of length 9.8 m will be: (UHS 2014)

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The time required by simple pendulum from its extreme to mean position: (UET 2010)

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Oscillation of shock absorber of a car is a practical example of: (SGD 2017)(RWP 2017)

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Potential energy of oscillating mass spring system at any instant is (DGK 2019 GII)

29 / 48

What is the period of mass spring system during SHM if the ratio of mass to spring constant is 1/4? (UHS 2011)

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Turning a radio is the best example of________ (GRW 2015) (SGD 2016 GII)(DGK 2018 GII)

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Resonance occurs when the driving frequency is: (UHS 2016)

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Young's Double slit experiment, slit separation a = 0.05 cm, distance between screen and slit D = 200 cm, fringes separation x = 0.13 cm, then the wavelength 'λ' of light ray is: (UHS 2015)

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If the time period of the oscillation is 20 micro-sec, than what will be the frequency of that oscillating body? (UHS 2018)

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Total energy of a particle executing S.H.M. is: (LHR 2017 GII)(BWP 2017)

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What should be the length of a simple pendulum whose period is 6.28 second at a place where g = 10 ms-2 ? (UHS 2015)

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Tuning a radio is an example of: (UHS 2016)

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A body is executing the SHM. What fraction of its total energy will be kinetic energy when its displacement from the mean position is half of its amplitude? (GRW 2013)

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A simple harmonic socillator has a time period of 10 second. Which equation relates its acceleration 'a' and displacement 'x' ? (UHS 2012)

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The Vertical extension in a light spring by a weight of 1 kg suspended from the wire is 9.8 cm, the period of the oscillation is: (UHS 2017)

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The potential energy of a spring mass vibrating system at its mean position is (SGD 2018 GII)

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For vibrating mass spring system, the expression of kinetic energy at any displacement 'x' is given by: (UHS 2013)

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IN YDSE if we use white light in place of a monochromatic light, then: (UHS 2017)

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When the frequency of the applied force becomes equal to one of natural frequencies of body then the body oscillates with maximum displacement this phenomenon is called: (UHS 2018)

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The wavelength of waves produced by microwave oven is: (GRW 2016)(LHR 2016 GII)

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The frequency of waves produced in microwave oven is: (SWL 2019 GI)

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A body performs simple harmonic motion with a period of 0.063 s. the maximum speed of the body is 3.0 ms-1. What are the values or the amplitude xo(m) and angular frequency ω (rads-1) ? (UHS 2014)

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A pendulum bob in simple harmonic motion will have its velocity leading the displacement by a phase angle of: (UET 2018)

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When the length of a simple pendulum is doubled, find the ratio of the new frequency to the old frequency? (UHS 2012)

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