World PLANETS IN UNIVERSE General Knowledge MCQs TEST NO.1

World PLANETS IN UNIVERSE – General Knowledge – Online M.C.Q’s for Competition Commission Exam – TEST NO.1

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World PLANETS IN UNIVERSE - General Knowledge - MCQ's - TEST NO.1

World PLANETS IN UNIVERSE - General Knowledge - MCQ's - TEST NO.1

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The shape of our milkyway galaxy is?

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In 1997, on returning back to earth's atmosphere a satellite was broken into pieces is?

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Asteroids or planetoids circle between?

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Trition is a satellite of?

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The time taken by the Uranus to revolve round the sun is approximately?

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Which planet is known as ''Earth's near twin planet''?

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The brightest visible star is?

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Which is the densest planet of the solar system?

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Which is the hottest planet in our solar system?

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Which one of the following planets contains the 'Great Red Spot'?

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The mean distance from the earth to the Sun is?

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In 1986, Russia launched its space station into space, which was?

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Comets are luminous celestial bodies moving round the?

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Hubble space telescope was launched into the space with the help of space shuttlef?

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The rising of the evening star indicates the?

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The temperature of Sun's centre is 15 millions C and the temperature of outer surface of sun is?

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Hubble is a?

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The correct sequence of the following planets in terms of gravity, in the descending order is?

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The term 'meteor' is applied to an interplanetary body?

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The first ever artificial satellite was launched bt?

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The natural satellite of the Earth is?

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Which is known as ''Earth's near twin planet''?

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The planet which revolves very slowly around the sun is?

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Blue dwarfs' and 'Red gaints' refer respectively to?

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Which one of the following stars is nearest tp the earth?

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Which of the following planets oribits around the sun in a clockwise direction from east to west?

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The first artificial satellite was launched on?

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The planet nearest to the Earth is?

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Which planet is the least dense?

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When did the space age begin with the launch of the Russian Sputnik?

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Who, amongst the following, was the first to measure the distance round the earth?

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How many layers are present in the atmosphere of the sun?

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Which is the brightest comet known to man so far?

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Phases of the Moon are caused by?

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The heaviest mass revolving round the Sun is?

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The biggest planet is?

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On which of the following planets of the solar system does the sun rise in the west and set in the east?

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Bodies which usually fall from the sky on the Earh are called?

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Which one of the following is applicable to the planet 'Venus'?

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The time required by moonlight to reach the earth is?

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America launched its first space station in the year?

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Which of the following planets orbits around the sun in the backward direction from east to west?

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Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, and Mars all will be visible within a roughly area of sky in May 2011?

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Mercury is?

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The extreme day and night temperatures approximately on the moon are respectively?

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Which of the following planets has the smallest diameter?

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The energy generation in stars is?

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Which of the following spacecrafts enabled man to step on the moon first?

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The only planet whose day is longer than its year is?

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Which planet is referred to both as the '' Morning Star and the Evening Star''?

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On another planet the local terminology for earth,water,light,air and sky are 'sky', 'light', 'air', 'water',and 'earth', respectively If someone is thirsty there?

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The earth revolves around the sun at a speed of?

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The group of small pieces of rock revolving round the sun between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter are called?

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Hubble space telescope was launched into space on?

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Which pf the following planets have no moon?

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The first astronaut to set foot on moon was?

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The scientists have found some proofs of presence of life on which of the following planets?

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On 20th July 1969, two American scientists landed on?

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On which planet are scientists hopeful of the existence of some type of life?

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Which is the brightest star in the night sky?

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Which one of the following conditions is most relevant for the presence of life on Mars?

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In which year did man first step out on the moon?

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Which is the brightest planet in the Solar System?

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Which one of the following planets has the largest oxygen content?

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Jupiter is about how mant times larger (in diameter) than the earth?

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