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Chapter Name : Alternating Current 
Chapter No. 5  [Test No.2]
2nd Year
Multiple Choice Questions


Book Name :  PHYSICS
Chapter No. 5 (Test No.2)
Chapter Name : Alternating Current 
Total MCQ from Text Book :  100
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Published By : Punjab Text Book Board Lahore
Approved By : Govt of the Punjab and Federal Ministry for Education
Test Type : MCQ’s
Exam conduct By : Inter Boards of Sindh, KPK, Balochistan, AJK, Gilgit Baltistan, Punjab & Federal
Class / Grade  : 12 ( F.Sc. Intermediate)
Total Marks : 100
Total Time :   100 minutes



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A device that allows only the continuous flow of A.C. through a circuit is

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The inductive reactance of the coil is given by the expression

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A device that allows only the continuous flow of an A.C. through a circuit is

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In a three phase A.C. generator, there are three coils inclined at

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If Vo is thee value of A.C. voltage its rms value is

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The P-P value of AC voltage wave form is

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The SI unit of inductance is

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Which of the following waves are more energetic

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In RLC series circuit, the current at resonance frequency is

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In capacitive circuit, at high frequency, the current will he

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In RLC series circuit, the impedance of the circuit at resonance is

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In the equation P = IV cos 0, cos 0 is called

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In three phase A.C. generator, the voltage between any line and the neutral line is

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In free space, the speed of electromagnetic waves is

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In capacitor circuit, at low frequency, the current will be

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In a L-C parallel circuit at the resonance condition the current and applied voltage are

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At low frequency of the alternating current, the current will be

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The inductive reactance is directly proportional to

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The inductance and capacitance behave as a function of

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In capacitive circuit, at high frequency, the reactance will be

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A sinusoidal current has rms (effective) value of 10A. Its maximum value is

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The examples of electromagnetic waves are

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The ratio of the rms value Of the applied voltage to the rms value of A.C. is called

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Which of the following has smallest wavelength?

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The waves which do not require any material medium for their propagation are called

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The phase at the negative peak of A.0 is

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The flow of D.C. is blocked by

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The value of resonance frequency f1 in case of series resonance circuit is given by

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In RLC series circuit, at high frequency

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An incandescent lamp will reach its maximum brilliance ________time per second when connected to a 220V,50Hz source

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Electromagnetic waves were discovered by

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The power dissipated in a pure inductive or capacitance, circuit is

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The combined effect of resistance and reactance in an AC circuit is called

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As A.C. continuously flows through the plates of a capacitor because of

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The expression P = VI is true in case of A.C. circuit when

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In a capacitive A.C. circuit the charge q and applied voltage V are

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In pure resistive A.C. circuit the instantaneous values of voltage and current are

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The phase angle between the voltage and current in resistive A.C. circuit is

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In RLC series circuit, at resonance condition the voltage and current are

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In a pure capacitor A.C. circuit, the current and the applied voltage are

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Alternating current is that which is produced by a voltage source whose polarity

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The averagelueiof alternating current or voltage over a complete cycle is

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A changing magnetic field creates a

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Electromagnetic waves consists of

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The main reason far the world-wide use of A.C. is that it can be transmitted to

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The opposition offered by a capacitor to the flow of A.C. is called-its

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For practice L-C parallel circuit the current at resonance frequency is

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Metals detectors arc made by the combination of

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A choke is a coil having

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The behavior of resistance is independent of

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Ohm is the unit of

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Which of the following EMW has the longest wavelength?

53 / 100

The graph between alternating voltage and time is a

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An A.C. varies as a function of

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In the resonance condition of RLC series circuit the power factor is

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At low frequency of the alternating current, the inductive reactance XL

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In an A.C. circuit with pure capacitor only, the current

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If we connect an ordinary D.C. ammeter to measure alternating current, it Would measure its

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The average of square value of alternating current or voltage over a complete cycle is:

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The capacitance required to construct a resonance circuit of frequency 1000 KHz with an inductor of 5mH is

61 / 100

The capacitance required to construct a resonance circuit of frequency 1000 KHz with an inductor of 5mH is

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The output voltage of n A.C. generator at time t = T/2 is given by

63 / 100

As frequency of AC increases

64 / 100

Electromagnetic waves emitted from an antenna arc

65 / 100

In a pure inductor coil the power dissipated is

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At resonance frequency, the impedance of RLC series circuit is

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The frequency at which an inductor of 1.0 H have a reactance of 500 ?

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The most common source of an A.C. voltage is

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SI unit of impedance is

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The frequency for 2 henry inductor having reactance of 1000? is

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The A.C. circuit in which current and voltage are in phase, the power factor is

72 / 100

In a R-L series circuit, the current

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In L-C parallel circuit at resonance condition the power factor is

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The opposition offered by the inductor to the flow of A.C. is called

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In L-C parallel circuit the capacitor draws a

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Capacitor of 2000 μF is connected across alternating source of 20 volts. If frequency of the source is 50/? 117 Hz then reactance of the capacitor is:

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The power dissipated in resistive circuit is

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Current in a dry-cell is an example of

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For a practical L-C parallel circuit at the resonance frequency the circuit impedance is

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Maxwell's equation were discovered by .James Clark Maxwell in.

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The electric field and magnetic field and the direction of propagation of electromagnetic waves are mutually

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A three phase A.C. generator, if the first coil has phase 0, then the other two coils will have phases

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A resonance curve for RLC circuit is a plot of frequency versus

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In free space, the radio waves travel with a speed

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A radio transmitting antenna provides a good example of generating

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A choke coil is used to limit current in

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The basic circuit element in a D.C. circuit which controls the current or voltage is a

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In a three phase A.C, generator, the phase difference between each pair of coil is equal to

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Which one Of the following waves are not electromagnetic waves?

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Choke consumes extremely small

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The current which keeps on reversing its direction (or polarity) with lime is called

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The highest value reached, by A.C. voltage or current in one cycle is called

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The output voltage of an A.C. generator at time t = T/4 is given by

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The expression P = VI holds only when current and voltage are

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Voltage across any two lines of a three phase A.C. supply is about

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In the RLC parallel circuit, the resonance frequency is

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The unit of reactance is Xc of a a capacitor joined across alternating source can be found by the relation

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In a R-C series circuit, the current

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If Io is the peak value of A.C. current, itsaverage value over the complete cycle is:

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In a pure capacitor A.C. circuit, the current I anti charge q are

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