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PHYSICS – 2nd Year
Chapter No. 4  [Test No.2]
Multiple Choice Questions
Note : All MCQ’s selected in this test are from OLD F.Sc. board , UHS and PMC(Pakistan Medical Commission) Islamabad Papers.


Book Name :  PHYSICS
Chapter No. 4 ( Test No. 2 )
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Class / Grade  : 12th ( F.Sc. Intermediate)
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The self inductance of solenoid is

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A changing electric flux creates

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Which one is not present in A.C generator?

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The winding of the electromagnet in motor are usually called

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The energy stored in an inductor is given as

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In case of inductor, energy is stored in the

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When motor is just started, back emf is almost

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Energy density of an inductor is

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A conducting rod of length l falling with velocity V perpendicular to magnetic field B. Which of the following is potential difference between two ends

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Turns ratio (r) for a step down transformer is

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Electricity can be transmitted overlong distances by

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Commutator's are used in

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If the magnetic flux linked with a coil varies at the rate of 1Wb/min. Then induced emf will be

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A step up transformer is used 120 v line to provide 240 v. If primary coil has 100 turns. The number of turns in secondary is

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The loss of energy over an A.C. cycle during the magnetization and demagnetization of transformer core is usually called

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The core of transformer is-made of

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Henry is SI unit of

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In step down transformer

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A solenoid of length / meter has self-inductance L henry. If the number of turns are doubled, its self-inductance

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Which of the following are the power losses in a transformer?

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The current passing through a choke coil of 5H is decreasing at the rate of 2A/s Which of the following is the emf developed across the coil?

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Unit of self Inductance is

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The devices in the circuit that consume electrical energy are known as

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If the motor is overloaded, the magnitude of back emf

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By placing soft iron inside a coil

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If the motor is overloaded then magnitude of back emf

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The number of turns in a coil is increased from 10 to 100. Its self-inductance becomes

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Transformer makes possible the

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Self inductance does not depend upon

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Commentator was invented in

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SI unit of mutual inductance is

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The motional emf is given by

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Which of the following quantity decreases in a step-up transformer?

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Self induced emf is sometimes called as

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A transformer is used to step up or step down

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Eddy currents is one cause of energy loss, in

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The angular speed of rotation of the coil of A.C generator is doubled. Then induced emf will be

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A transformer

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The self-inductance of a coil is 5H. The current changes from 1A to 2A in 5 second through the coil. Which of the following is the value of induced emf produced in the coil?

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The turn ratio of a step-up transformer is 4:1. If the current of 4A is passing through the primary coil. Then current in secondary coil will be

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In electromagnetic induction the induced emf is independent of

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When a motor is over loaded, then the magnetic of back emf

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B2/µo is the expression of

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A real transformer does not change

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The SI unit of magnetic induction is

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SI unit of self inductance is Henry which is

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Lenz's law is in accordance with the Law of Conservation of

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When the back emf in a circuit is zero, it draws

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The mutual induction plays role in

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The mutual inductance of a pair of coils each of N turns, is M henry. If a current of I ampere in one of the coil is brought to zero in t seconds, The average induced emf in other coil, in volt, will be

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The mutual Inductance between two coils depends upon their

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The induced currents setup in the core of transformer in a direction perpendicular to the flux are known as

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The turn ratio of a transformer is 10. It means that

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In transformer works on the principle of

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The rod of unit length is moving at 30° through a magnetic field of 1 T. If velocity of rod is 1 m/s, then induced emf in the rod will be given by

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Efficiency of transformer is not affected by

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SI unit of self inductance is Henry which is

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When the motor is just started, back emf is

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A device which converts low voltage or current to high voltage or current is called

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Energy stores in an inductor is given by

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The core of dynamo is laminated because

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The Lenz's Law fulfills

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Lenz's law is in accordance with law of conservation of

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Which of the following quantity remain unchanged in a transformer?

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Transformer is used to change

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Transformer for domestic use step down the voltage to

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The main causes of power losses in a transformer are

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Induction furnace based upon the concern of

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The turns ratio of a transformer is 10 it means that

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A coil having number of turns N and cross sectional area A is rotated in a uniform magnetic field B with an angular velocity w. Which of the following is the maximum induced emf in it?

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With the speed of motor, magnitude of black emf

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The working principle of transformer is

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In transformer which one of the following does not change

74 / 89

For on ideal Transformer

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Mutual Induction has a practical role in the performance of the

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The self-induction is given by

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Energy density in inductor is given by

78 / 89

Lenz's law deals with

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Commutator was invented by

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An increase in number of turns of a coil result in

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The reactance of an Inductor at 50 Hz is 100 its reactance at 100 Hz becomes

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In a step up transformer the turn ratio of primary and secondary coil is 1:2. A cell of 1.5V is connected across the primary coil which of the following will be voltage of secondary coil?

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Lenz's law is in accordance with the Law of Conservation of

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Lenz's law is in accordance with the Law of Conservation of

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If L and R denotes inductance and resistance then dimensional formula for L/R is

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In step up transformer

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Which one of the following is not present in an A.C generator

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The equation for energy density is given as

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If the speed of rotation of a generator is doubled the output voltage will be

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