PHYSICS MCQs 11th Class Ch No.2 VECTOR & EQUILIBRIUM Online Test No.2

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Chapter No. 02  [Test No.2]
1st Year
Multiple Choice Questions
Note : All MCQ’s selected in this test are from OLD F.Sc. board , UHS and PMC(Pakistan Medical Commission) Islamabad Papers.


Grade 11 - Physics - Chapter 2 - VECTORS & EQUILIBRIUM - Test No.2

Grade 11 - Physics - Chapter 2 - VECTORS & EQUILIBRIUM - Test No.2

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B . B is equal to: (MTN 2019 GII)

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The scalar product of two vectors is maximum when they are

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A uniform bar AE of weight 9N is held horizontal by vertical forces. Two additional forces act at A and D. The points A,B,C,D and E are at equal intervals along the bar. At which point must a vertical force of 6N act to keep bar in equilibrium: (UHS 2012)

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Both the dot product and cross product of two vectors A and B is zero, when: (LHR 2019 GII)

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The dot product of vector A with itself is equal to: (GRW 2019 GII)

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Projection of vector B on vector A is:

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Torque acting on a body determines its. (AJK 2016)

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A force 'F' is acting at point P of a uniform rod capable to rotates about O. What is the torque about O: (UHS 2016)

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A body will be in translational equilibrium if (FSD 2010)(DGK 2011)

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AB sinθ n-HAT x AB sin&theta n-HAT is (FSD 2017)

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The first condition of equilibrium implies that (LHR 2013)(RWP 2014)

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Angle between two vectors 3i-HAT + 4j-HAT and 4i-HAT - 3j-HAT is:

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If the magnitude of vector A .vector B = 1/2AB then an angle between vector A and vector B is (SGD 2016 GI)(SWL 2018)

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(i-HAT x j-HAT) x k-HAT + (j-HAT x j-HAT) x i-HAT will be: (DGK 2018 GII)

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If vector F = 2i-HAT+3j-HAT N and vector D = 4i-HAT+4j-HAT m then the work done will be:

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Dot product of vector with itself is: (RWP, GRW 2016)

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If the magnitudes of scalar and vector project of two vectors are 2√3 and 2 respectively, The angle between vectors is (DGK 2019 GI)

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A uniform rod of length 1m with unknown weight W is pivoted at a distance from the edge. It is observed that the system is in equlibrium when a force F1 equal to 1N and force F2 equal to 3N is applied on the system. The weight W and distance X are: (UET 2018)

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The component along y - axis is half of the maximum value, for angle θ = _____________ (AJK 2019 GI)

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Self dot product of a vector A is (DGK 2019 GII)

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If the position vector r and F are in same direction then torque will be (LHR 2015)

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Two forces 5N and 10N are acting at "O" and "P" respectively on a uniform meter rod suspended at the position of centre of gravity 50cm. What is the position of 'P' on meter rod? (UHS 2014)

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which one of the following is not a vector quantity? (UET 2016)

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If cross product of two vectors vector A x vector B points alogn positive z-axis, then the vectors A and B must lie in (SWL 2019 GI)

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If vector A x vector B is along y-axis, then vector A and vector B are in: (BWP 2019 GI)

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Which combination will cause the largest turning effect about the pivot?(0°ree; < θ < 90°ree;) (UET 2017)

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j-HAT x i-HAT= (AJK 2017)

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The resultant vector of two unit vectors (mutually perpendicular) has magnitude (AJK 2019 GI)

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Cross product of j-HAT x k-HAT is: (FSD 2019 GI)

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The counterpart of force for rotational motion is called (RWP 2014)

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Angle between the vectos (i-HAT + j-HAT) and (j-HAT +k-HAT) is: (FSD 2019 GII)

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The direction of torque can be found by (RWP 2014)

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The turning effect of force is called (SGD 20114)

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Cross product of j-HAT x k-HAT is: (LHR 2019 GII)

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If vector F = (2i-HAT+4j-HAT) N; vector d = (5i-HAT+2j-HAT) m work done is:

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The direction of torque is (SGD 2018)

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The magnitude of i--HAT x j-HAT is equal to: (BWP 2018 GI)

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Torque of force is given by τ = r x F. It has maximum value when r and F are at an angle of (MTN 2012)

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if the angle between the two vectors with magnitude 12 and 4 is 60°ree; then their scalar product is (DGK 18)

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If we double the moment arm the value of torque becomes: (UHS 2019)

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if vector A x vector B = vector O, then angle between the vectors is: (RWP 2017)

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An area of parrallelogram formed by A and B two adjacent sides is given as: (FSD 2015)(GRW 2017)

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The magnitude of vector product of two non-zero vectors A and B making an angle θ with each other is (FSD 2015)(DGK 2017)

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The vector product (A x A) is (SGD 2015)

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Reverse process of vector addition? (UET 2010)

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Scalar product of force and velocity is: (FSD 2019 GI)

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The magnitude of dot and cross product of two vectors are 6√3 and 6 respectively. The angle b/w them will be (RWP 2013)(FSD 2017)

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If two non zero vectors vector A and vector B are parallel to each other then: (MTN 2016 GI)

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For complete equilibrium: (SWL 2018)

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The magnitude of i.(jxk) is equal to: (LHR,AJK,SGD 2018)(LHR 2013, 2015)

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A bar of length 'L' pivoted at 'O' is acted by a force 'F' at an angle '&theta' with vertical line. What is the moment of force (UHS 2019)

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The corss product of vector A with itself has the magnitude (MTN 2015)

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If the body is at rest or rotating with uniform angular velocity, then torque will be (DGK 2011)

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Abody is in static equilibrium only when it is (DGK 2010)(BWP 2011)

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Magnitude of unit vectors i-HAT x j-HAT is (SWL 2019 GI)

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The cross product of k-HAT x j-HAT is equal to (LHR, GRW 2014) (RWP 2015)

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The magnitude of dot and cross product of two vectors are equal when angle between them is: (DGK 2015)

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The dot product of vector A with itself is equal to (RWP, GRW 2016)

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Three vectors A, B and C satisfy the relation vector A . vector B = 0 and vector A . vector C = 0, the vector A is parallel to: (FSD 2019 GI)

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