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Chapter No. 8  [Test No.2]
2nd Year
Multiple Choice Questions
Note : All MCQ’s selected in this test are from OLD F.Sc. board , UHS and PMC(Pakistan Medical Commission) Islamabad 5-Years Papers.

Book Name :  PHYSICS
Chapter No. 8 (Test No.2)
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In order to reduce uncertainty in momentum, one must use light of

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When plantinum wire is heated, it changes to cherry red at temperature (D.G. Khan 2016 Group I)

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Which one of the following particles can show diffraction effect?

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The photn with energy greater than 1.02 MeV can interact with matter as (MTN 2016 GROUP II)

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When stopping potential is applied to the anode of the photocell, no current is observed. This means

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The concept that a particle can behave like waves was given by

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The uncertainty in the positron and momentum can be written as

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Which of the following is the compton shift at an angle 90°ree;?

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The value of Stefan's constant 'σ' is given by (Mirpur 2015)

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The momentum of photon is given by the equation: (GRW 2015)

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Light from a source is incident on two photocells of work function 3ev and 1.5ev respectively. The energy of incident light is 4.5ev. Which of the following is the ratio of the velocities of photoelectron ejected from two photocells.

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According to De-Broglie, an electron can be regarded as

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Compton shift &inc; λ will be equal to Compton wave length at an angle of (Sgd 2015 Group II)

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The value of h-bar(ℏ) is

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Rest mass of photon is (Swl 2016)

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According to Heisenberg's second uncertainty principle, the product of energy of a particle and the time at which it has the energy is approximately equal to

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Wave nature of light appears in (Mirpur 2015)

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When X-rays are scattered by electrons their wavelength increases. This phenomenon is called

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Which light emits greater number of electron from a metal surface?

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The rest mass of photon is: (Swl 2015)

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Davisson and Germer got Nobel Prize for their work on

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The quantity h/m°ree;c has the dimensions of

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A proton, accelerated through a P.D of V has a certain de-Broglie wavelength λ In order to have the same de-Broglie, an α - particle must be accelerated through a potential difference

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Rest mass of photon is

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Electron microsocope makes practical use of the

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The de-Broglie wavelength of a particle of mass m moving with kinetic energy E is

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The screen used in electron microscope is made of _________ material

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If E is energy of photon and P is momentum of photon, then velocity of light is equal to

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With the help of 50 kV electron microscope, a resolution of _______ is possible

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Davisson and Germer calculated the wavelength of scattered electron from the relation

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Which is the most refined form of matter? (D.G. Khan 2015 Group I)

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Compton effect shows that

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The work function of a metal is Xev when light of energy 2X is made incident on it maximum K.E. of emitted photoelectron will be

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The value of Plank's Constant h is: (Mtn 2015 Group II)

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If the frequency of incident light in a photoelectric experiment is doubled then

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if h is plank's constant, The momentum of a photon of wavelength 0.01A°ree;

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When plantinum wire is heated, it changes to cherry red at temperature (Swl 2016)

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An electron and proton are accelerated throught the same potential. If their masses are me and mp respectively, then the ratio of their de-broglie wavelength is

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In Davisson and Germer experiment, target crystal was made up of

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In compton effect the photon behaves as a: (RWP 2015)

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According to _____________ electron can never be found in side the nucleus

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Electron and proton have same speed, which one has shorter wavelength associated with them?

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The value of Plank's constant h is given by: (FSD 2015)

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Antiparticle of electron is: (Swl 2015)

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_______ has the largest de Broglie wavelength at same speed (MTN 2016 GROUP I)

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Potasium cathode in photocell emit electrons for a light: (LHR 2016 Group I)

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An electron, accelerated by P.D V has de-Broglie wavelength λ which of the following will be the de-Broglie wavelength of electron if electron is accelerated by P.D 4V?

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According to Stefan's law about black body radiations is (D.G. khan 2016 Group II)

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The minimum energy required by photon to create an electron-positron pair is (D.G. Khan 2015 Group II)

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The value of threshold wavelength for photoelectric effect is 7000A°ree;. Which of the following radiation will not produce photoelectric effect?

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The special theory of relativity based on (D.G. khan 2016 Group II)

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A three dimensional image of remarkable quality can be achieved by modern version called

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Compton shift is maximum at an angle

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If measurement show a precise position for an electron, then uncertainty in the measurement of momentum of electron will be

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Which of the following achieve conversion of electromagnetic energy in to electrical energy

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The velocity at which the mass of a body become double is (BWP 2016)

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In the subatomic world,________ can be predicted with 100% precision

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Mass of photons is equal to (SGD 2016 GROUP I)

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Position and momentum of an electron cannot be measured simultaneously with perfect accuracy, this is

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Rest mass of photon is (LHR 2016 Group II)

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Einstein was awarded Nobel Prize in Physics in: (LHR 2015 Group II)

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Dimensions of plank's constant are same as that of

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The value of ℏ in Heisenberg uncertainty Principle is (Sgd 2015 Group I)

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A positron is an antiparticle of (Mirpur 2015)

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Moving with same velocity, which of following has large wavelength of the metter waves?

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For an electron, the rest mass energy is: (Mtn 2015 Group I)

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A photon of wavelength λ can be associated to have a mass equal to

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Compton effect proves (SGD 2016 GROUP I)

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de-Broglie waves are associated with

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Inertial frame is a frame in which (D.G. Khan 2015 Group I)

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The minimum energy required by a photon to create a electron-positron pair is (D.G. khan 2016 Group I)

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if h is plank's constant and c is speed of photon then which of the following is the wavelength of photon of energy E?

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Davison and Germer received the Nobel Prize in

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The existence of positron was discovered in the

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If electron, proton and neutron have same velocity, which of them has the longest wavelength?

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Disintegration of photon on Striking a nucleus into an electron and positron is known as (SGD 2016 GROUP II)

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Energy of each positron is given by: (GRW 2015)

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The work function of tungsten and sodium are 5.06ev and 2.53ev respectively. If threshold wavelength of sodium is 5896A°ree; then threshold wavelength of tungsten will be

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Of the following, the one which has the largest de-Broglie wavelength for the same speed is

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A photon behaves as if it had a mass equal to

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The process of photoelectric effect depends on

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Wave nature of light appears in

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In order to increase the K.E. of ejected photo electrons, there should be an increase in: (Bwp 2015)

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The plantinum wire becomes white at a temperature of (GRW 2016)

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Wave nature of light appears in

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A light of waelength 5000 A°ree; is incident on a metal surface whose work function is 2ev. Which of the following will be the maximum K.E of photoelectron?

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Energy of black body radiation depends upon (RWP 2016)

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A positron is a particle having: (Mirpur 2016)

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The momentum of the moving photon is (LHR 2016 Group I)

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Neglecting variation of mass with velocity, The wavelenght associated with an electron having kinetic energy E is proportional to

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Light of wave length λ falls on a metal having work function hc/λ°ree; photoelectric effect will take place only if

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Plantinum wire at 1300°ree;C becomes (Sgd 2015 Group II)

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Light of frequecy 1.5 times the threshold frequency is incident on a photosensitive material. If the frequency is halved and intensity is doubled, the photoelectric current becomes

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According to Heisenberg's first uncertainty principle, the product of momentum and position of a particle is approximately equal to

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the change in wavelength of scattered photon in comton effect is (FSD 2016)

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compton shift in wave length (&inc; λ) is zero, when scattered angle of photon is (BWP 2016)

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The rest mass of X-Ray photon is: (Mirpur 2016)

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Interference and diffraction confirms

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The rest mass energy of an electron positron pair is: (LHR 2015 Group I)

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Compton's effect is associated with: (FSD 2015)

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de Broglie got Nobel Prize for their work on

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An electron is placed in a uniform electric field. A the electron moves, its de-Broglie wavelength

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Louis de-Broglie wavelength of a particle can be expressed by

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The value of Stefen's constant is (FSD 2016)

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In order to observe the position of an electron with more accuracy, one must use light of

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All motions are n (LHR 2016 Group I)

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Two photons approach each other, their relative speed will be (MTN 2016 GROUP I)

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When Plantinum is heated, it becomes orange at: (Mtn 2015 Group I)

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The unit of Plank's constant is

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It is now believed that light has

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if nr and nv are number of photons emitted by a red bulb and a violet bulb respectively of equal power in a given time then

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An object of large mass and ordinary speed has

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The value of Wien's constant is: (LHR 2015 Group II)

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The form of uncertainty principle which relates the energy of a particle and the time at which it had the energy is given by

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Earth's orbital speed is: (Mtn 2015 Group II)

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Which of the following is the value of plank's constant is (evs)

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If the energy of incident photon is E ev and work function of metal is ϕ ev then which of the following is the maximum velocity of ejected photoelectron

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Minimum energy required for pair production is (Sgd 2015 Group I)

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We can find from de Broglie formula (RWP 2016)

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Which of the following is the value of maximum compton shift?

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Which type of electron wavelength is used in electron microscope?

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When a photon interact with an electron which of the following characteristics of photon can increase?

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