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Chapter No. 8  [Test No.1]
2nd Year
Multiple Choice Questions

Book Name :  PHYSICS
Chapter No. 8 (Test No.1)
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Class / Grade  : 12 ( F.Sc. Intermediate)
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If an object moves with a velocity of light, then the apparent length of the object along the direction of motion becomes

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In an expression for time dilation, the quantity √1-v2/c2is always

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When a platinum wire is heated, at 1600°ree;C it becomes

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The emission of electorns from a metal surface when exposed to light of suitable frequency is called

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An human eye can detect the electormegnetic radiations of the type

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In photoelectric effect, if intensity of incident radiation is increased, then there is increase in

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The mass m of a body moving at 0.8 C becomes

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For an electron or positron, the rest-mass energy is equal to

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The theory of relativity which deals with non-inertial frame of reference is called

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A black body is that which aborbs

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According to special theory of relativity, all laws of physics are same in all

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According to special theory of relativity, time is

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The phenomenon which proves Einstein's relation (E = mc2) is

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The rest mass of a photon is

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When the temprature of the body is increased, the radiation becomes richer in

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If speed of light were infinity, then moving mass m becomes

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The discrete nature of radiation was introduced by

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In a photocell, sodium and potassium emit electrons for

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A device based on photoelectric effect is called

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The minimum energy required by a photon to create a electron-positron pair is

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The length contraction happens only

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Absolute motion of a body

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The value of Stefen's constant is

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The classical physics is based upon the laws of

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The energy of a photon is given by

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A beam of red light and a beam of blue light have exactly the same energy. Which beam contains the greater number of photons?

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The velocity at which the relativistic length of a body reduces to half of its original length is

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A particle with rest mass 'm°ree;' and relativistic mass 'm' has kinetic energy equal to

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A coordinate system relative to which measurement are taken is known as

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Assuming you radiate as does a black body at a temperature about 17°ree;C, the wavelength of the emitted radiation is

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A.H. Compton studied the X-rays by loosely bound electrons from a graphite target in

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If we are strictly speaking, then earth is

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The process in which energy is converted into meter is called

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According to Max Plank, energy is released or absorbed in discrete packets called

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The branch of physics which deals with the behaviour of microscopic particles moving with speed of light is called

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An intertial frame of reference is that for which

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The photoelectric effect can be explained on the basis of

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The earth's orbital speed is only

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When a very high energy photon interact with a matter, then the following phenomenon taken place

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The special theory of relativity is based

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A non-inertial frame of reference is that which

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Absorption power of perfect black body is

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The pair production equation can be written as

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In annihilation of matter, positron and electron pair disappears into two

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The momentum of a photon frequency f is

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In a photocell, certainmetals emit electrons for

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A frameof reference in which law of inertia is valid is known as

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If the temperature of a black body is doubled, the total radiation from the body becomes

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Due to the relative motion of observer and frame of reference, time

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In photoelectric effect, light exhibits

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The photoelectric effect can be explained by

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A positron is a antiparticle of

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The part of theory of relativity which deals with inertial or non-accelerating frames of reference is known as

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The angle of scattering for which the Compton shift is maximum is

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Black body energy distribution curves are the graphs between

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Wien's theory explains energy distributon in black body for

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Pair production confirms the

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When a platinum wire is heated, it appears cherry red at about

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Pair production can take place by using

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For Pair production minimum energy of photon must be

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In the process of annihilation of matter, the two photons produced move in opposite directino to conserve

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A high temperature, a body generally emits radiations of

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The speed of light in free space is

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The pair production and annihilation of matter are

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The nature of radiation emitted by a body depends upon

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The special theory of relativity is applicable to the objects moving with

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The number of photoelectrons emitted (or photoelectric current) is directly proportional to the

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When a platinum wire is heated, it appears white at about

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In the wien's displacement law i.e. λm x T = constant, the value of constant is

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The momentum of a photon is

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The numerical value of Compton wavelength h/m°ree;c is equal to

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A frame of reference which remains at rest or moves with uniform velocity is called

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There is a certain frequency below which no electrons are emitted from the metal surface, this frequency is known as:

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The mass of an object will be doulbed at speed

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At what angle, the Compton shift '&inc;λ' equals the Compton wavelength?

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A photon is considered to have

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Black bodies are formed of

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The value of Plank's constant h is given by

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All motions are

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Einstein got the Nobel Prize in physics for his explanation of photoelectric effect in

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The maximum energy of the photoelectrons can be determined by making the

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The Einstein-energy mass relation can be expressed as

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In Compton shift, the factor h/m°ree;c is known as

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Photocell is a device which converts

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The theory of relativity was proposed by

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In a photcell, cesium coated oxidized silver emits electrons for

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Positron was discovered by Carl Anderson in

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Special theory of relativity was given in

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Photoelectric effect was discovered by

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A particle and its antiparticle, together at one place

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Max Plank suggested that energy is released or absorbed in discrete packets in

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Photo electric effect is the converse process of

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Compton effect makes use of law of conservation of

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The dimensions of Plank's constant h are same as that of

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The name of photon for a quantum of light energy was first introduced by

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The length of an object or distance between two points measured by an observer who is relatively at rest is called

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Which photon, red, green, or blue carries the most energy?

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The speed of photon as compared with the speed of light is always

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In photoelectric effect, emitted electrons are called

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Phenomena such as black body radiation , photoelectric effect, the emission of sharp spectral lines by atoms in a gas discharge tube were explained by

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The stopping potential (V°ree;) in photoelectric effect depends on the

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Energy of asingle quanta of elctromagnetic radiation is given the name

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Radiations are always emitted or absorbed in the form of packets of energy. This is the statement of

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When a platinum wire is heated, it appears orange at about

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If the speed of light becomes infinite, then the mass of electron moving with velocity 3 x 108 m/s becomes [m0 it the rest mass of electron]

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he photoelectric effect was explained by

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Einstein s photo electric equation is given by

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The maximum energy of the photoelectrons is given by the equation

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0.1 kg mass will be equivalent to the energy

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The process of pair production takes place if the energy of photon is at least

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When the K.E.max of photoelectron is zero, the frequency of incident photon is______that of threshold frequency

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In Compton effect, it was considered that X-rays consist of

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The anti matter theory was proposed by

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In Compton effect, the wavelength of the scattered photon as compard to the wavelength of incident X-rays is

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At high temperature, the proprtion of shorter wavelength radiation

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Modern physics mainly based upon

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The relativistic change in mass, length and time in daily life are not observed because

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Which of the following radiations has photons of maximum energy

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If a material object moves with speed of light, its mass becomes

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The maximum kinetic energy of emitted photoelectrons depends upon

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An expression for Compton shift &inc;&lambda for angle θ is given as

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The rest mass energy of an electron is

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