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Chapter Name : WAVES
Chapter No. 8  [Test No.2]
1st Year
Multiple Choice Questions
Note : All MCQ’s selected in this test are from OLD F.Sc. board , UHS and PMC(Pakistan Medical Commission) Islamabad Papers.




Book Name :  PHYSICS
Chapter No. 8 (Test No.2)
Chapter Name : WAVES 
Total MCQ from Text Book/Board/UHS/PMC Papers :  71
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Published By : Punjab Text Book Board Lahore
Approved By : Govt of the Punjab and Federal Ministry for Education
Test Type : MCQ’s
Exam conduct By : Inter Boards of Sindh, KPK, Balochistan, AJK, Gilgit Baltistan, Punjab & Federal
Class / Grade  : 11 ( F.Sc. Intermediate)
Total Marks : 71
Total Time :   35 minutes 30 seconds

Grade 11 - Physics - Chapter 8 - WAVES - Test No. 2

Grade 11 - Physics - Chapter 8 - WAVES - Test No. 2

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An astronaut in space comes to know of an explosion on a nearby planet. The astronaut came to know about this explosion because: (UET 2016)

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The point of maximum displacement on stationary wave is (DGK 2008)

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The red shif measurements of Doppler Effect of galaxies indicate that the universe is: (UHS 2016)

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A source of sound moves towards stationary observer with a speed one third of sound. If the frequency of the sound from the source is 100 Hz, the apparent frequency of the sound heard by the observer is: (UHS 2017)

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Stars moving towards the earth show (MTN 2016 GI)(GRW, RWP 2016)(SGD 2016 GII)

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The number of beats produced per sec. in two tuning forks is equal to (SWL 2019 GI)

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The displacement of an oscillating particle is plotted against time. What does the length 'PR' on the time axis represents? (UET 2012)

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Waves produced in organ pipes are: (RWP 2018)

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A streched string of length 2m vibrates in 2 segments. The distance between consecutive nodes is: (AJK 2016)

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Distance between two adjacent crests and troughs is: (BWP 2019 GI)

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A source of sound wave emits waves of frequency 'f'. If 'v' is the speed of sound waves, then what will be the wavelenegth of the waves: (UHS 2011)

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If the organ pipe is closed at one end, the frequecy of fundamental harmonic is (RWP 2015)(FSD 2017)

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When two identical waves move in opposite direction they give rise to (FSD 2015, 2016)(AJK 2017)

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At the open end of an organ pipe (FSD 2011)

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In streched string, if speed of wave is doubled the tension will be: (BWP 2015 GI)(DGK 2018 GI)

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An ambulance moves around a large round-about with its sirens on. For a person standing at the center of the round-about, the frequency of ambulance siren heard will be (UET 2016)

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Stars moving awary from earth show: (MTN 2019 GI)

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In sonar we use (FSD 2015)(SGD 2015 GII)

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The phenomenon of intereference occurs in: (UET 2014)

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When the dimensions of both sides of an equation are equal then the equation is said to be: (UHS 2011)

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Stationary waves are generated on a string of length l its fundamental frequency is (FSD, SGD 2013)

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On increasing the tension, the frequency of the vibration of string (GRW 2013)

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The string of length l fixed at the both ends is vibrating in two segments, the wavelength of wave is (MTN 2015)

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When transervse wave travelling in rare medium, incident on denser medium after reflections phase changes by: (BWP 2019 GI)

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If a string vibrates in "n" loops, the wavelength of stationary wave will be: (FSD 2019 GI)

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In an open pipe, the fundamental frequency is given by f = _____________ (DGK 2016 GI)

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Two progressive waves of frequency 250 Hz are superimposed to produce a stationary wave in which adjacent nodes are 2 m apart. The speed of the progressive waves is: (UET 2016)

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The number of node(s) between two consecutive antinodes is (DGK 2017)

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The wavelength 'λ' of a wave depends on the speed 'v' of the wave and its frequency 'f'. Decide which of the following is correct? (UHS 2013)

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Two identical waves moving in same direction produce: (LHR 2019 GI)

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If a stationary wave is established along a streched string of length l and it vibrate in one loop, the wave length is equal to: (MTN 2019 GII)

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The fixed ends of vibrating string are (SGD 2015 GII)

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Which one is true for organ pipe closed at one and (MTN, RWP 2013)

34 / 71

The distance between 1st node and 4th antinode is: (FSD 2017)

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Types of wave used in sonar are: (LHR 2019 GII)

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A tuning fork P produces 12 beats per second with another tuning fork Q. If the frequency of Q is 200 Hz, the frequency of P is: (UET 2017)

37 / 71

The distance between node and anti node is equal to: (SGD,BWP 2015)(SGD 2015 GI)(DGK,MTN 2016 GII)(MTN 2017 GII)

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The location of submarines can be detected by: (AJK 2016)

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Car A has a siren sounding a note of 540 Hz. A listnere in car B hears a note of 544 Hz. Both move in the same direction, one concludes that (MTN 2014)

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When an observer is moving away from a stationary source, sending waves with speed v, the waves received by him at the rate of: (BWP 2019 GI)

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Young's double slit experiment is used to study intereference of: (UET 2018)

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Star moving awary from earth shows: (SWL 2017)(FSD 2018)(SGD 2018 GI)(DGK 2018 GII)

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On loading the prong of tuning fork with wax, the frequency of sound (RWP 2019 GI)

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The distance betweent the two consecutive nodes or antinodes is (LHR 2015 GI & GII)(SGD 2015, 2016 GII)(MTN 2015 GII, 2016 GI)(RWP 2015,2017)(SWL 2016)(FSD 2018)

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The frequency of the fundamental mode of transverse vibration of a streched wire 1000 mm long is 250 Hz. When the wire is shortened to 500 mm a the same tension, what is the fundamental frequency? (UET 2017)

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When the source of sound moves towards the stationary observer, the value of apparent frequency 'f°ree;' is: (UET 2012)

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If a streched string is 4m and it has 4 loops of stationary waves, then wavelength is: (LHR 2018 GI)

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Radar is the application of (GRW 2015)(BWP 2016)(MTN,FSD 2018)(LHR 2018 GII)

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The distance between a consecutive node and anti node is: (AJK 2019 GI)

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Distance between adjacent node and antinode is: (LHR 2019 GII)

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A stationary wave is established in a string which vibrates in four segments at a frequency of 120 Hz. Its fundamental frequency will be (GRW 2010)

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The pitch of sound depends upon (DGK 2017)

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Types of wave used in sonar are: (LHR 2019 GII)

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A police motor cycle running at 130 km/hour sounds a siren of 2 kHz frequency while chasing a car running at 150 km/hr. the apparent frequency of the siren head by the car driver will be: (UET 2014)

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The density of oxygen is about 16 times that of hydrogen. Therefore if speed of sound in oxygen is x. its speed in hydrogen will be: (UET 2014)

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If a streched string vibrate in three loops. Then relation between its length and wave length of stationary wave is (SGD 2018 GII)

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If organ pipe is open at both ends, frequency of fudamental harmonic is given by (DGK 2019 GII)

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Two tuning forks of frequencies 261 Hz and 258 Hz are sounded together, the number of beats per sound (SGD 2019 GII)

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Distance between two adjecnt crests and troughs is: (GRW 2019 GI)

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A streched string 4m loong and it has 4 loops of stationary waves, then the wave length is (GRW 2017)

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It becomes difficult to recognize the beats when the difference between the frequencies of two sound is more than (DGK 2019 GI)

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On reflection from the denser medium light wave undergoes a phase change of (GRW, LHR 2014, 2017 GI)

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The spectrum of a star's light is measured and the wavelength of one of the lines as the sodium's line is found to be 589nm. The same line has the wavelength 497nm when observed in the laboratory. This means the star is: (UHS 2011)

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In stationary waves, the velocity of particle at the node is (BWP, DGK 2016)

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For same mass per unit length and lengths of string if tension of a vibrating string is increased by 4 times then frequency (SGD 2015)(LHR 2016)

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A set of frequecncies, which is the multiple of its fundamental frequency are called (RWP 2010)

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Wavelength of wave for closed pipe having the length l in fundamental mode is (GRW 2014)

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When one end of organ pipe is closed, then the frequency of stationary waves of any harmonic in it is given by: (LHR 2018 GI)

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The dimension of √ F x l/m is same as that of: (AJK 2018)

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Radar system is an application of: (RWP 2019 GI)

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On reflection of longitudinal waves from denser medium, there will be phase change of (BWP 2018 GII)

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