12th Class PHYSICS Chapter No.9 ATOMIC SPECTRA Test No.2

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Chapter No. 09  [Test No.2]
2nd Year
Multiple Choice Questions


Book Name :  PHYSICS
Chapter No. 09 (Test No.2)
Chapter Name : ATOMIC SPECTRA 
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Published By : Punjab Text Book Board Lahore
Approved By : Govt of the Punjab and Federal Ministry for Education
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Exam conduct By : Inter Boards of Sindh, KPK, Balochistan, AJK, Gilgit Baltistan, Punjab & Federal
Class / Grade  : 12 ( F.Sc. Intermediate)
Total Marks : 95
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Photon emitted in inner shell transition are:

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Emission of photon of energy hf = E2-E1 in any arbitrary direction is:

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The life time of most excited state atoms is about:

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In Laser beam, all the photons:

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The radius of first Bohr orbit in hydrogen atom is:

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With increasing quantum number the energy difference between in adjacent levels in atoms:

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X-Rays are maximum absorbed by:

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K? -Rays are produced due to tranistion of electrons from:

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Laser is the acronym of:

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Which of the following is the ratio of K.E. to the P.E of the electron in any Bohr orbit of hydrogen atom?

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Helium and neon have nearly identical:

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The common door bell requires a voltage of about:

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In electronic transition , atom cannot emit:

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Helium-neon laser, discharge tube contains helium:

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If electron in hydrogen atom jumps from third orbit to second orbit the emitted radiation has wavelength (R is Rydberg's constant):

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The excited states in which the life time of an electron is of the order of 10-3 sec are called:

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The incident photon is absorbed by an atom in the ground state (E1) thereby leaving the atom in the excited state (E2) is called:

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Laser can be made by creating:

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The dimensions of Planck's Constant is same as that of:

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If V1 is the speed of electron in first orbit of hydrogen atom then velocity of the electron in 4th orbit will be Rydberg constant R and velocity of light C?

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Meta stable state is:

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The maximum uncertainity in the measurement of positron of an electron inside the nucleus is of the order of:

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Which of the following is the energy required (in ev)for ionizing an excited hydrogen atom?

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The life time of meta stable is:

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In Helium-neon laser, laser light generated has the colour:

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For pair production, minimum energy of photon must be:

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The radius of 10th orbit in hydrogen atom is:

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In X-Rays tube the accelerating potential appllied at the anode is V0. Which of the following will be the minimum wavelength of the emitted x-rays?

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In Helium-neon laser, generated red light laser has the wavelength:

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Helium-neon laser, discharge tube contains neon:

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Laser beam can be used to generate three dimensional images of objects in a process called:

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Which of the following series of hydrogen spectrum lies in ultra violet region

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Balmer Series lies in:

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Which is not characteristic of Laser:

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The value of radius of 1st Bohr's orbit:

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Electrons of mass m and charge e are accelerated through a potential difference V and strike the target of ray tube. Which of the following is the maximum speed of these electrons?

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Production of X-Rays can be regarded as the inverse of:

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For which of the following transition infrared radiation will be obtained:

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In three phase voltage across any two lines is a:

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If V is accelerating voltage then which of the following will be the maximum frequency of emitted X-Rays form X-Rays tube?

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In hydrogen atom electron jumps from the first orbit to second orbit, its radius

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Hydrogen atom does not emit X-Rays because

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An excited atom can reside in a meta stable state for:

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In an X-Ray tube, the intensity of emitted X-Rays beam is increased by:

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The following gas was identified in the sun using spectoscopy:

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Production of X-Rays can be regarded as the inverse of:

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If electron jumps from second orbit to first orbit in hydrogen atom it emots photon of:

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Laser is a beam of light, which is:

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Production of X-Rays is the reverse process of:

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In helium-Neon laser, discharge tube is filled with Neon gas:

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Hydrogen atom spectrum does not lie in:

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The radius of hydrogen atom is about:

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Atom can reside in metastable state for:

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The intensity of X-Rays from a Coolidge tube is plotted against wavelength ? as shown in the figure. The minimum wavelength found is ?c and the wavelength of the K? line is ?k As The accelerating voltage is increased:

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The shortest wavelength of X-Rays emitted from X-Rays tube depends on the:

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Gases begin to conduct electricity at low pressure because:

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An electron can never by found:

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The size of the nucleus of an atom (i.e. diameter of the nucleus) is the order of:

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Which of the following is the energy required to remove an electron from the second orbit of hydrogen atom? (ionization potential of H. atom =13.6v)

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Atom is nearly:

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Which of the following is the frequency of the series limit of Balmer series of hydrogen atom in terms of Rydberg constant R and velocity of Light C?

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The maximum number of electrons in the Bohr orbit can be

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When an electron in an atom goes from a lower to a higher orbit

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Laser principle are of _____________ kinds

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In a electronic transition atom cannot emit:

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A potential difference of 42000 V is used in an X-Rays tube to acclerate electrons. Which of the following is the maximum frequency of the emitted x-rays?

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The meta stable state of Helium is nearly at:

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Helium-neon laser discharge tube contains neon:

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The meta stable state of neon is nearly at:

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In Helium-neon laser, red laser light has energy:

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In discharge tube, electricity is conducted by:

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Which of the following is the value of principle quantum number of an ionized atom

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Balmer Series lies in:

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The relation of paschen series is given as:

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Accroding to uncertainity principle, for hydrogen atom of radius 5 x 10 -11 m, the speed of electron is:

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Which of the following is the ratio of the energies of hydrogen atom in its first to second exceited state?

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Laser can only be produced if an atom is in its:

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Balmer series lies in:

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Life of meta stable of most atoms is about:

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The equation of Rydberg constant is given by:

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The difference between soft and hard x-rays is of:

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Laser has use in:

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The value of Rydberg's Constant is:

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Which of the following is the K.E of electron that is is accelerated through a potential of 100v

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Life time of excited states (meta stable) is:

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When electron in hydrogen atoms jumps from the second orbit to the first orbit, the wavelength of the emitted radiation is ? which of the following will be the wavelength of emitted radiation when electron jump from third to first orbit?

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The most common type of lasers used in physics laboratries are:

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When electron jumps from fourth orbit to the second orbit, one gets the:

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The speed of electron in the nth orbit is given as:

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Which of the following is the relation between energy (E) and momentum (P) of a photon?

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Production of X-Rays is the reverse process of:

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Which of the following is the dimensional formula of Rydberg's constant

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Population inversion is sustained in the neon gas relative to an energy level of:

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Laser emitted by laser device has:

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The ratio of minimum to maximum wavelength in Balmer's series is:

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