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General Knowledge - Everyday Science Test No. 04

General Knowledge - Everyday Science Test No. 04

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The largest cell in the human body is

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Bagasse, a by-product of sugar manufacturing industry, is used for the production of

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A flaming splinter is thrust into a bottle of oxygen, a bottle of nitrogen, and a bottle of carbon dioxide. The flame will go out in

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The instrument, used for recording 'tremors of earth, is known as

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Earth's crust have the abundant reserves of

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A cyclist negotiating a bend, tilts from the vertical direction because

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Nitrogen is prepared in the laboratory by heating

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On a cool and wet day a large quantity of dilute urine is passed out by most people. This is because

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The amount of haemoglobin present in blood is about 15 gm per 100 ml. blood and this amount is usually called '100 per cent'. What percentage is considered normal?

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Rainbow is produced by tiny rain drops suspended in front of sun rays as a result of

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A thermostat is

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The part of the body directly affected by pneumonia is

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The time interval between two beats of a normal human heart is

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What is necessary for photo-

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The picture tube of a black and white T.V. set has only one electron 'sun' that produces the picture on its screen. The number of electron 'gun' a colour picture tube has, is

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Which one of the following mixture of gases is required in gas welding?

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X-rays and ?-rays are able to destroy
the living tissues by the process of

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The average life of a red blood coil in the body is about

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Light energy is converted into
chemical energy by

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Which of the following pairs is not correct?

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A chair is tilted about two of its legs and then left. It would return to its original position if

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Which of the following is a gas?

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Pure gold is

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Dynamo is device that converts

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A nesia is related to Loss of memory

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Which of the following scales was devised by Celsius?

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Amino acids are a product of the digestion of

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Of the retiokong, which provides the
maximum Impunt of energy in the
present-day world?

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The plant which bears fruit only once in its life time is

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Which of the following is the correct sequence of evolution?

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A person, who met with an accident, was partially paralysed and lacked a sense of felling after treatment. Which part of the nervous system was affected by the accident?

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The hormone that increases the rate
of heart beat and blood pressure
after shock in a person is

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One horse power is equal to

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As the amount of clay in a soil increase, its water retaining capacity

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The material used for bleaching paper pulp is

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Haemoglobin in the blood is a complex protein rich in

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Which of the following is used in fire extinguishers?

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A solid ball of metal has a spherical cavity inside it. If the ball is heated. the volume of the cavity will

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Speed of is greater in solids than in liquids because

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Which of the following foods (one ounce of edible raw portion of each) provides the largest number of Kcal. Of energy?

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John Walker invented

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Pasteurized Milk' is

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Dead red blood corpuscles are stored in

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When water boils, its temperature

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Fat is digested in the

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Which of the following has been
found useful in keeping the
cholesterol level down?

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The phenomenon of mirage is due to

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Lightning flash and thunderbolt occur at one and the same time

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Which of the following is used as a
foga preservative?

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Which one of the following elements is extensively used in electronics?

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Total internal reflection occurs when light travels from

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The antibiotic pencillin is obtained

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Heat from the sun is recevied by the earth through

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The newly discovered high-
temperature superconductors are

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Which one of the following represents a chemical change?

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The other name of Vitamin C is

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All the following contribute to pollution except

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Photosynthesis involves

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