PHYSICS MCQs 2nd Year Chapter No.1 ELECTROSTATICS Test No.2

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Chapter No. 01  [Test No.2]
2st Year
Multiple Choice Questions

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Book Name :  PHYSICS
Chapter No. 01 (Test No.2)
Total MCQ from Text Book :  96
Book Version  :

Published By : Punjab Text Book Board Lahore
Approved By : Govt of the Punjab and Federal Ministry for Education
Test Type : MCQ’s
Exam conduct By : Inter Boards of Sindh, KPK, Balochistan, AJK, Gilgit Baltistan, Punjab & Federal
Class / Grade  : 12 ( F.Sc. Intermediate)
Total Marks : 96
Total Time :   96 minutes



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The value of Coulomb's constant (K) in SI units is

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Two charges q1 and q2 are placed in vacuum at distance d and force between them is F. If a mentioned of relative permittivity 4 is introduced between them then new force will be:

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A charged conductor has charge on its:

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If a charged body is moved against the electric field, it will gain:

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If the potential difference across the two plates of a parallel plate capacitor is double then its energy stored in it will be:

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Two point charges are +2C and +6C repel each other with a force of 12N. If a charge of -4C is given to each of these charges, the force now is

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An ECG records the_______between points on human skin generated by electric process in the heart:

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The electric field created by positive charge is:

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Special organ called Ampullae of lorenzini that are very sensitive to electric field are found in

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Doubling the distance between the plates of a capacitor, the capacitance:

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A charge Q is divided into two parts q1 and q2. The maximum coulomb repulsion between the two parts is obtained when ratio q1/q2 is.

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The force between two point charges separated by air is 4 N. When separated by a medium of relative permittivity 2, the force between them becomes;

13 / 96

Capacitance of a Capacitor in Vacuum is given by

14 / 96

A capacitor is charged to store energy U. the charging battery is disconnected. An identical capacitor is now connected in parallel to the first capacitor. The energy in each capacitor is

15 / 96

The number of electrons in one coulomb charge is equal to

16 / 96

An alpha particle is accelerated through potential difference of 106V.Which of the following is its K.E?

17 / 96

One Joule is equal to

18 / 96

If a dielectric is placed between the plates of a capacitor, its capacitance

19 / 96

The product of resistance and capacitance is

20 / 96

The force between two similar unit charges placed one meter apart in air is:

21 / 96

Capacitance of parallel plate capacitor is:

22 / 96

Capacitance of a capacitor does not depend upon:

23 / 96

If the medium between plates of a capacitor be air or vacuum, then the capacitance of capacitor is:

24 / 96

The relation "-?V/?r" represents

25 / 96

The product of resistance and capacitance is

26 / 96

SI unit of electric flux is:

27 / 96

The product of resistance and capacitance is called

28 / 96

In a charged capacitor, the energy resides in:

29 / 96

For computation of electric flux, the surface area should be

30 / 96

Time constant is defined as the time during which a capacitor charges to_____ of its equilibrium value.

31 / 96

If the separation between the plates of a capacitor is doubled then its capacitance become

32 / 96

A 1?F capacitor is subjected to 4000V potential difference the energy stored in capacitor is:

33 / 96

When electron is brought near a - vely charged plate then its electrical P.E.

34 / 96

Charge on an electron is:

35 / 96

1 ohm x 1 farad is equal to

36 / 96

Charge on electron is:

37 / 96

Electric intensity inside the hollow sphere is:

38 / 96

Selenium is a:

39 / 96

Selenium is a:

40 / 96

Two opposite point charge of same magnitude separated by distance 2d, electric potential mid-way between them is:

41 / 96

Which of the following is the dielectric constant of metals?

42 / 96

If a metal plate is placed between two point charges then electrostatic force between them.

43 / 96

The concept of electric field theory was introduced by

44 / 96

Two copper spheres of same radii one hollow and other solid are charged to the same potential then.

45 / 96

The product of resistance and capacitance is equal to

46 / 96

Dielectric constant ?r can be defined as

47 / 96

If 2?F and 4?F capacitors are connected in parallel, the resultant capacitance is

48 / 96

Two equal and opposite equal charges separated by small distance are said to make a :

49 / 96

Which of the following is not the energy stored between the plates of a condenser?

50 / 96

Electron volt is the unit of

51 / 96

Electric field and electric potential inside hollow charged conducting sphere are respectively.

52 / 96

If f1 and 2 are forces acting on ?-particle and electron respectively, when

53 / 96

The value of ?o permittivity for free space is:

54 / 96

If 2?F and 4?F capacitors are connected in series, the resultant capacitance is

55 / 96

The number of electrons in one coulomb charge is equal to:

56 / 96

Photocopier and inkjet printer are the application of:

57 / 96

The toner of the printer is given

58 / 96

Which material sheet should be placed between the plates of a parallel plate capacitor in order to increase its capacitance?

59 / 96

The capacitance of a capacitor can be increased by

60 / 96

The energy stored in the capacitor is:

61 / 96

Selenium is:

62 / 96

SI unit of permittivity of free space are:

63 / 96

Two charges 1 ?c and 5?c separated by 20cm, the ratio of electrical forces acting on them will be:

64 / 96

Due to polarization of the dielectric, the electric intensity between the plates of a capacitor:

65 / 96

If a charged capacitor is connected to earth its charge.

66 / 96

The electric flux through closed surface depends upon.

67 / 96

The unit of Electric intensity other than NC-1 is:

68 / 96

A Particle carrying a charge of 2e falls through a potential difference of 3V. The energy acquired by it will be:

69 / 96

The magnitude of an electric field E, such that an electron placed in it would be experience an electric force equal to its weight, is given by

70 / 96

If potential difference across two plates of a parallel plates capacitor is doubled then the energy stored in it will be

71 / 96

The electron volt is the unit of

72 / 96

The constant of proportionality "K" depend upon:

73 / 96

The electrostatic force of repulsion between two electrons at a distance 1m is:

74 / 96

One electron volt is equal to

75 / 96

When 1014 electron are removed from a neutral metal sphere then which of the following is the charge on sphere?

76 / 96

The Electrostatic force between two charges is 42 N. If we place a dielectric of er.=2.1 between the charges, then the force become equal to:

77 / 96

Due to polarization, electric field E

78 / 96

The work done in bringing a unit positive charge from infinity to that point in an electric field is called:

79 / 96

The electric field lines are closer where the field is:

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4 x 1020 eV energy is required to move a charge of 0.25 C from A to B the potential difference between A and B is

81 / 96

For computation of electric flux, the surface area should be

82 / 96

When dielectric is placed between the plates of capacitor, The value of E between the plates

83 / 96

When air is replaced by a dielectric medium of relative permittivity ?r, the maximum capacity of the condenser_____

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A parallel plate capacitor is first charged and then a dielectric slab is introduced between the plates. Which of the following quantity remain unchanged?

85 / 96

A parallel plate capacitor with oil between the plate(?r = 2) has a capacitance "C". If oil is removed then capacitance of capacitor becomes.

86 / 96

Which one of the following relations for the energy stored in capacitor is not correct?

87 / 96

A charge Q is enclosed in a dielectric of strength K the maximum number of electric lines of force are

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A metallic ball having charge 10-8C moves from a point A at potential 600V to a point B at zero potential. Which of the following is the change in its K.E.

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Due to polarization of the dielectric, the capacitance of the capacitor:

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The energy stored in a charged capacitor is given by:

91 / 96

Relative permittivity for air is:

92 / 96

If an insulating material called dielectric is introduced between the plates, the capacitance of capacitor is:

93 / 96

Which one of the following can be taken as measure of electric field intensity:

94 / 96

Photocopier and inkjet printer are the application of:

95 / 96

If time constant in RC circuit is small, the capacitor is charged or discharged

96 / 96

Three capacitor of 4?F each are to be connected in such a way that the net capacitance is 6?F. Then

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