Biology Chapter No.8 Variations and Genetics 2nd Year Online MCQs TEST 2

Biology Chapter No. 8 Variations & Genetics 2nd Year Online MCQs TEST No.2

Biology MCQs 2nd Year Chapter No. 8 Variations & Genetics, FSc, Grade 12th, Second Year Multiple Choice Questions, Medical College ( MDCAT ) , ECAT & University Admission Entry Test Exams Online Preparation, Chapter Wise Questions Answers Quiz Notes in Pdf Download, All Old Board Papers included, All Queries reply within 24 Hours. Click here to Contact us for any Query/Question regarding Exams.

Variations and Genetics
Chapter No. 8
Second Year
Multiple Choice Questions
Test No.2 (MCQ’s)
Note : All MCQ’s selected in this test are from OLD F.Sc. board , UHS and PMC(Pakistan Medical Commission) Islamabad Papers.

Book Name :  Biology
Chapter No. 08
Chapter Name : VARIATIONS and Genetics
Total MCQ from Text Book :  150
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Published By : Punjab Text Book Board Lahore
Approved By : Govt of the Punjab and Federal Ministry for Education
Test Type : MCQ’s
Exam conduct By : Inter Boards of Sindh, KPK, Balochistan, AJK, Gilgit Baltistan, Punjab & Federal
Class / Grade  : 12th ( F.Sc. Intermediate)
Total Marks : 150
Total Time :  150 minutes




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Drosophila males are :

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Secretors have dominant secretor gene "Se" on chromosome:

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The anaemic foetus starts to release many immature erythroblasts into his blood stream in:

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The position of a gene on the chromosome is called its:

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Diabetes mellitus type II is:

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The total genetic information encoded in the total genes in a breeding population existing at a given time is:

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X and Y chromosomes are called sex-chromosomes because these have genes for determination of:

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When a single gene affects two or more traits or when a single gene has multiple phenotypic effect, the phenomenon is called:

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B phenotype contains anti-A antibodies in the serum and agglutinate any RBC with antigen:

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Mendel called the trait, which was hidden F1, as:

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Some species like Ginkgo are:

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The gene for blue opsin is present on autosome:

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The homologous chromosomes pair up length wise:

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Each allele of a gene pair occupies the same gene locus on its respective:

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SRY gene on Y chromosome of man determines:

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A chromosomes carries its linked genes en bloc in the form of a:

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The number of chromosomes in fruit fly, Drosophila melanogaster is:

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All such altered alternate forms of a gene, whose number is more than two, are called:

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A monochromat can perceive:

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XX-XY type or WZ ZZ type of sex determination pattern was discovered by. J. Seiler in 1914 in:

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The homologous pairs of chromosomes present in pea are:

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Diabetics are unable to metabolise blood:

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Mendel called the trait that appeared in F1 as:

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Any group of sexually interbreeding organisms of the same species that exist together in both time and space is:

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Bilirum damages brain cells and turn skin and whites of the eye yellow. This condition is:

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Type I diabetes arises due to deficiency of pancreatic hormone:

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Genes for sickle - cell anaemia and albinism make a linkage group on human chromosome:

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Persons having genotype DD or Dd have Rh - factor on their RBC
and are:

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An X - linked recessive trait in which both red and green cone cells are absent is:

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All the genes present on a homologous pair of chromosome are linked to each other in the form of a :

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A dichromat can perceive two primary colours but is unable to perceive the one whose opsins are missing due to:

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Some genes like bobbed gene in Drosophila are

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About 20% haemophiliacs suffer from haemophilia B due to disturbance in factor:

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The blood serum of A phenotype contains:

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Mendel called the offspring of first parents as:

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XX-XY type or WZ ZZ type of sex determination pattern is common in:

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A gamete without any sex chromosome is called :

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The insulin gene is located on short arm of chromosome:

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The expression of ABO blood type antigens by IA or 1B gene depends upon the presence of another gene:

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90% of all diabetic patients are:

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The form of appearance of a trait is:

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Genes can be mapped on a chromosome on the basis of their recombination:

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The form of appearance of a trait is called

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Hereditary characteristics pass from parents to offspring through genes in their:

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Human height is a more complex:

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All the altered alternate forms of a gene, whose number is more than two, are called:

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Phenotype AB has neither anti-A nor anti-B antibodies in the:

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An individual with a hornozygous genotype is a :

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Red colour blindness is:

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Exchange of chromosome segments logically means exchange of DNA, i.e.

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Morgan raised cultures of Drosophila flies to study different traits, such as colour of the:

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The phenomenon of staying together of all the genes of a chromosome is called:

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If a man of M blood group marries a woman of N blobd group, all their children will have blood group:

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Different alleles of a gene that are both expressed in a heterozygous condition are called:

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ABO blood group system was discovered by:

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The proportion of recombinant types between two gene pairs as compared to the sum of all combination is:

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ABO system has four different phenotypes which are distinct from each other on the basis of specific antigens on the surface of :

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A Y - linked trait 'SRY' gene on Y chromosome determines:

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The gene for eye colour in Drosophila is located on:

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Mendel proposed that each contrasting form of a trait, e.g., roundness or wrinkledness of seed was determined by particulate hereditary factors, which are called:

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The homologous pairs of chromosomes in pea is:

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In 1925 Bernstein explained the genetic basis of:

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Allele for whiteness' in Drosophila is

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All chromosomes other than sex-chromosomes are called:

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The breakdown product of RBC is called:

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Glucokinase enzyme usually converts glucose to glucose - 6 - phosphate in:

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Genes that affect growth rate in humans also influence:

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Green colour blindness is called:

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Normal trichromat c colour vision is based on three different kinds of cone cells in the:

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An O recipient can only be given transfusion from a donor:

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A physiological effect of an allele over its partner allele on the same gene locus is:

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Intelligence is also a case of polygenic inheritance which is strongly influenced by:

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Crossing over is an exchange of segments between non-sister chromatids of homologous chromosomes during:

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Each type of cone cell has specific light absorbing proteins called:

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Hypophosphatemic rickets is an X linked:

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The true colour blindness is:

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A continuously varying trait is encoded by alleles of two or more different gene pairs found at different loci, all influencing the same trait in an:

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Human skin colour is also a quantitative trait which is controlled by:

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Chances for a son or daughter in human birth are:

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XO - XX type of sex determination is found in:

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Tritanopia is:

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Linked genes do not obey Menders law of independent assortment, because these cannot assort independently during:

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Chances for a man to be affected by haemophilia A & B than a woman are:

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A true - breeding variety upon self - fertilization always produced offspring identical to :

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All the gene / alleles found in a breeding population at a given time are collectively called the:

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The quantitative traits are called ,polygenic traits, and their genes are:

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The farther apart two genes lie, greater are chances of their separation through:

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About 50% of cases of MODY are caused by mutations in:

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The individuals called universal recipients have:

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Partners of a gene pair are called:

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An unusual white-eye male Drosophila fly mutant was observed by:

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Mendel called the trait that appeared in F1 as:

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The basic unit of biological information is:

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The X- and -Y linked genes are also called:

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Diabetes mellitus type II accounts for _____ of all diabetic patients:

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Test cross is a mating in which an individual showing a dominant phenotype is crossed with an individual showing its:

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XO Turner's syndrome in humans produced through non- disjunction is sterile:

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80% haemophiliacs, suffer from haemophilia A due to abnormality of factor

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Rh - blood group system is defined on the basis of Rh factor present on the surface of:

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Mendel presented his findings to Brunn Society for the study of Natural Science in.:

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O blood has neither A nor B antigen, but it does have:

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The amount of wheat grain colour is influenced by environmental factors:

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The genetics of wheat grain colour was studied by:

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The inheritance of eye colour in Drosophil, some how seemed to be related to the:

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T cells of immune system attack pancreas and destroy insulin producing:

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The interaction between different genes occupying different loci is:

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Normal fruit flies, the wild type, have eyes:

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T. H. Morgan provided experimental evidence in support of chromosomal theory of heredity through discovery of sex linkage in fruit fly:

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Individuals called universal donors are:

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An individual with a heterozygous genotype is a :

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In cats, melanocyte failure causes both phenotypes, i.e.,

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The two coexisting alleles for each trait in an individual segregate from each other, so that each gamete receives only one of the two alleles:

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The search for mechanism of inheritance of sex started after discovery of:

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The genes for red and green opsins are on:

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The chance of an event to occur is called:

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Genes for colour blindness, haemophilia, gout and hypophosphatemic rickets form one linkage group on human:

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Type I diabetes is also called Juvenile diabetes because it usually occurs in early age before:

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Rh - blood group system is named Rh after:

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When two contrasting pairs of trait are followed in the same cross, then alleles assort independently in:

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A woman can be bald only when she is:

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XXY individual produced through non disjunctional gametes in humans is a sterile male called:

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A sex- limited trait is limited to only one sex due to:

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Pattern baldness is a:

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The recombination frequency is directly proportional to the distance between the:

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Linked genes can be separated by:

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In humans, presence of 'SRY' gene on Y chromosome is essential for triggering the development of

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Persons with genotype dd do not have Rh factor and are:

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The type of sex determination found in Drosophila, man and many other organisms is:

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Morgan's discovery of sex-linked inheritance was a great contribution to the understanding of:

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When the phenotype of the heterozygote is intermediate between phenotypes of the two homozygotes, it is called:

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SRY is the male determining gene which is located at the tip of short arm of:

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Genes are located at specific loci on

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The relationship between alleles of the same gene occupying the same locus is:

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Rh - antigen was first discovered in it by:

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Blue cone monochromacy is also called:

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The number of linkage groups in man is:

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A clear picture of the genetic basis of sex determination emerged after the discovery of :

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Tallness in humans is recessive to:

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Landsteiner and Levine discovered MN blood types in man on the basis of specific antigens present on:

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White eye gene in Drosophila also affects the shape of:

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Humans have many X - linked traits of. which haemophilia and colour blindness- are:

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Maternal - foetal (Erythroblastosis foetalis) incompatibility results when an Rh- woman, married to an Rh+ man conceives a child who is

143 / 150

The male grasshopper has:

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Less than 1% people suffer from haemophilia C due to reduction in factor.

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ABO locus is on chromosome 9, while H locus is on chromosome:

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The blood serum containing antibodies is called:

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In Drosophila XO is a sterile:

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A gene with multiple phenotypic effect is called :

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In cats the dominant allele W not only makes fur pure white but also causes:

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The serum of O blood type contains:

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