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Chapter Name : ECOSYSTEM
Chapter No. 11 
Second Year
Multiple Choice Questions
Note : All MCQ’s selected in this test are from OLD F.Sc. board , UHS and PMC(Pakistan Medical Commission) Islamabad Papers.

Book Name :  Biology
Chapter No. 11
Chapter Name : ECOSYSTEM
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The role played by an individual in a communtiy is :

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The change In structure of community of an ecosystem during a time

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A loclized group of individuals belonging to the same species is called as :

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The total energy from sun is trapped by producer in an ecosystem is:

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Synecology is also known as the

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Study of single population relationship to its environments is called

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The bacteria In the root nodules fix nitrogen and convert it into:

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Group of individuals which can interbreed & produce organisms of their own kind form a:

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The living organisms which can prepare their own food are:

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Balance of ecosystem is kept by:

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A symbiotic relationship that benefits one species & neither helps nor harms the other is called:

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10.Food chains combine to form:

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How does a predators react to population density of prey?

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The study of relationships of organisms to their environment is known as:

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7."Atrno" means:

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One of the following is an example of predator-prey relationship:

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The succession which occur in dry soil or rock is:

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The total energy from sun is trapped by producer in an ecosystem is:

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Which one of the following is a parasite:

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In 1917, term niche was first proposed by AmericanOrnithologist named

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Which one is responsible for the conversion of nitrites into nitrates ?

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The actual location of place, where an organism lives is called Its:

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A group of inter-breeding individuals, beloging to same species and sharing a common geophraphic area, is called :

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Production of new organic matter at the consumers level is called :

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The bacteria in the root nodules fix nitrogen and convert it into:

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The total production of organic matter by green plants minus respiratory loss is called :

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C.Eton defined the Niche as the species

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Biome is a :

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Microorganisms while use protein, release ammonia. This process is:

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8."Litho" means:

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Consumer that preys other animals is known as:

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Study of relationship of different communities to environment is called:

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5.The relationship of a single population towards its environment is called:

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The major compononts of ecosystem are:

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Diseases in living organisms caused by parasites are called:

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Climax is the establishment of

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The abiotic component of an ecosystem is :

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In ecosystem the word teco is related to:

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The succession in pond is called:

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The term niche was proposed by:

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During energy transformation at different trophic leVels, the energy lost as heat is in range:

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If population of predator increases then population of prey.

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A change In the community, structure of an ecosystem over a period of time is :

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The process in which micro-organisms use the proteins and amino acids and release ammonia of ammonium ions is known as :

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Elements required in large amounts are called:

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Nitrogen is balanced by:

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All the food chains begin with:

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Which one of the following refers to commensalisms:

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In a grassland food chain, what is the correct sequence:

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Who proposed the term Niche in Ecology:

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In each case succession is initiated by a few hardy invaders called:

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Grazera feeds on:

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Which one of the following is autotroph:

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Lithosphere includes:

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Succession starts on dry soil is called:

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Charles Eton defined the niche as the species's :

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Land lifeless structure is referred by the stage:

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6.The study of growth responses of plant is called:

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What is the net production of the total photosynthate after the use by plants themselves?

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One of the following is an example of predator-prey relationship:

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In xerosere, Polytrichum and tortula represent:

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Lichens are an example of :

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The distinct levels or link of food chain are called:

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The seral stages of a primary succession are:

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The relationship between insects and flowering plants is the example of

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Moss stage is represented by :

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9.Fungi as well as bacteria are generally known as:

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When bacteria in soil oxidize ammonia or ammonium ions, this Is called:

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Which one of the following is an ectoparasite:

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Of the total sunlight that strikes the earth, what amount of it is absorbed by photosynthetic machinery?

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The actual location of place, where an organism lives is called Its:

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The animal that is caught and eaten is called :

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An association between two organisms by which both are benefited is called:

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Once nitrate enters the plant cell it is reduced as:

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Group of interbreeding organisms residing together in space & time are:

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Intfestations are the diseases which are caused by _______ in living organisms.

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Who defined the niche as the species occupation ?

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4.Layer of earth where life is present is called:

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The bacteria living in the root nodules of the legume plants serve to fix atmospheric.

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3.Regional ecological community of plants & animals form:

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Herbaceous stage in xerosere is the

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Primary succession starting in a pond is called:

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In which of the following from nitrogen enters into plant bodies ?

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