Biology Chapter No. 7 CELL CYCLE 2nd Year Online MCQs

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Chapter No. 7
Second Year
Multiple Choice Questions
Note : All MCQ’s selected in this test are from OLD F.Sc. board , UHS and PMC(Pakistan Medical Commission) Islamabad Papers.

Book Name :  Biology
Chapter No. 07
Chapter Name : CELL CYCLE
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Synapsis occurs during

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For the formation of fragmoplast, the vesicles originate from:

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Decision for division occurs in a cell at:

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The sex chromosomes of the person affected with Klinefelter syndrome is:

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Cytoplasm becomes more viscous during:

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The pairing of homologous chromosomes is completed in

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The paired chromosomes repel each other and begin to separate in

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Karyokinesis involves division of

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The tumor which is localized and not transferred to other body parts

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What are the significant happenings of meiosis

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Mental retardation is one of the most important characteristic of the human individuals affected with:

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In which stage of prophase-I, crossing over occurs:

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Molosls is a:

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The difference in the division of a plant cell and animal cell is:

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A female lacking ovaries and germ cells is probably affected with

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Mongolism is also known as

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Pairing of homologous chromosomes for tetrad formation starts at

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Chromosomes can be counted at:

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How many times mitotic divisions will take place to produce 512 cells from a single parent cell

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The chromosomes became visible, shorter and thick in

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G1 (Gap I) is the period of:

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Post Mitotic Cell can exit the Cell Cycle during

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The sequence in the cell cycle is:

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Post mitotic cell can exis the cell cycle during phase

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Crossing over indicates that chromosomes are:

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The linear arrangement of genes is evidenced in:

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Chromosomes appear inside the nucleus at the time of

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The vesicle forming phragmoplast originate during

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In prophase, the chromosomes condense & become shorter & thicker:

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Which tumor is delocalized or has branches other than site of origin

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One the following is not included in karyokinesis:

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Unequal separation of chromosomes is called

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The pairing of homologous chromosomes is completed in:

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The period of cell cycle between two consecutive divisions is termed as:

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Tumors non transferable to other parts are:

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Meiosis & Mitosis are found in:

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When chromosomes reach to the poles, the phase starts is:

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Special type of cell division in which the number of chromosomes in daughter cells is reduced to half as compared to parent cell is called as:

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The syndrome having trisomy of chromosome number 18 is

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It is the period of extensive metabolic activity:

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The significance of mitosis is that it can:

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The Turner syndrome is due to:

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The microtubule is composed of traces of RNA and protein called:

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Cancer occurs due to error in

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Which of the following is not a divisional stage?

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The spindle fibers are composed of traces of RNA 8, a protein called:

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Which of the following Is the longest phase In cell division?

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The main significance of mitosis is that:

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The kinetochore fibres of spindle attach to chromosome at region

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Chromosomal doubling Occurs in

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Which one sub-stage of prophase-I of meioses-I lasts for days, weeks or even years?

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Length of cell cycle in yeast cells is:

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The death of cell due to tissue damage is called

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The cell death due to tissue damage is called

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Chiasma are most appropriately observed in meiosis during:

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Bivalents or Tetrads are formed in

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Protein sontlal for chromatin formation:

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The plane of new wall formation in a dividing cell is determined by:

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The spread of tumor cells and establishment of secondary area of growth is known as

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Cell Death due to tissue damage is called

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The phragmoplast is organized:

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The microtubules of mitotic apparatus are composed of protein tubulin and traces of:

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Karyokinesis involves division of Nucleus and Cytokinesis refers to:

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In non-disjunction chromosomes fail to segregate during

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The centrioles lie within the:

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Microtubules are composed of

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The Syndrome in which individual has short stature, webbed neck, with out ovaries and complete absence of germ cells is

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Which of the following is true?

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Cancer is caused mainly by mutations in:

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Amitotic divisions are usually found in:

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Inter phase period can be divided into

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Duplication of Nuclear material in the cell initiates the phase:

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Down's syndrome in human beings is due to:

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In human cell, average cell cycle is about:

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The period of life cycle of cell between two consecutive divisions is termed as

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The microtubules which originate from the centrioles during mitosis in animal cell give rise to:

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During cell division the nuclear division is called

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Apoptosis is

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Prognmmed and organized process of cell death is also called

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Nerve cells and eye lens cells remaining stage for life time

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Synapsis takes place in

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Prolonged prophase is characteristic of:

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Cell grows about twice its size during the phase:

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Each chromosome when visible consists of two unseparated replicas known as:

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Crossing over occurs during

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Phragmoplast is formed by vesicles originated from

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Cancer is caused mainly by mutation in

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The cell death due to tissue damage is called

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In the case of human cell, average cell cycle is about

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In which phase of mitosis the chromatids of chromosomes separates from each other

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Full cell cycle in yeast cells has length of:

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The reduction division is also called:

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Pairing of homologous chromosomes is called as

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Chromatin network is visible during

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The number of sets of microtubules originate from each pair of centriole is

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Cell cycle is:

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Meiosis generally takes place in plants during formation of

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