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Category : General Knowledge
Topic : Research Methods [ B.Ed & M.Ed ] QUIZ No.2
Basic Purpose : Online Preparation for Competition and Commission Exams for different Jobs/Recruitments in United States, Australia, Canada, Marshal islands, United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Brazil, New Zealand, Italy, England, South Africa , Pakistan , India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Afghanistan, Iran and China
Test Type : Multiple Choice Questions [MCQs]

All Candidates / Students seeking for Preparation of Any Exams for Jobs (Headmaster,Principal,Senior Headmaster or Lecturer or SS Education) or Entrance Test in Universities and Colleges, We make a best selection of MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) with Questions and Answers Test on our website. All These MCQs are authentic and Taking after our Verification of our Audit Teams from different areas of the World. These Thousands of MCQs cover different National and International Topics. All These MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) are downloadable in pdf format. In this Chapter we cover the Quiz/Exams about RESEARCH METHODS IN EDUCATION SYSTEMS.
Job Seeking Candidates use for CSS (Central Superior Service) , FPSC (Federal Public Service Commission Islamabad) , PPSC (Punjab Public Service Commission) , SPSC(Sindh Federal Public Service Commission) , KPPSC(Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Public Service Commission) , BPSC ( Balochistan Public Service Commission) , UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) , PCS (Punjab Civil Services Exam) , IBPS (The Institute of Banking Personnel Selection) , UPPSC(UTTAR PRADESH PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION PRAYAGRAJ ) ,

In India IAS exam (officially known as the Civil Services Examination) is organized and conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC)

These RESEARCH METHODS IN EDUCATION SYSTEMS General Knowledge MCQs are best for different departments like Railway, Banking , Education (Schools and Colleges),Electricity(WAPDA) or in any Private Industry.

This online Practice Test with Examples leads the Candidates towards Success.

Category : EDUCATION
Category : M.Ed (Master in Education)

Basic Purpose : Online Preparation for Competition and Commission Exams for different Jobs/Recruitments in Pakistan , India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Afghanistan, Iran and China etc.
Test Type : Multiple Choice Questions [MCQ’s]

Time Limit : 77 Minutes

For HM/SHM/SS Education Preparation of Competition Exam we provide near about 2000 MCQ’s , Which definitely give you success in PPSC , SPSC , FPSC , KPSC , BPSC Exams..
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What type of tests Produce results of questionable value?

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The score attained by more subjects than any other score is:

3 / 77

What is significance of pure research?

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A scientific study conducted to compare the objectives with the out comes in the type of research called:

5 / 77

The formula of ungrouped data to find out median even number is:

6 / 77

A scale of measurement in which intervals on a scale are equidistant but true zero does not exist is called:

7 / 77

Treatment group is formed in:

8 / 77

For what type of research study, the questionnaire is the most useful instrument?

9 / 77

The highest, most precise level of measurement is:

10 / 77

The value of semi-inter quartile range in a distribution where Q1 = 78 and Q3 = 48 will be:

11 / 77

Interrelationship studies fall under:

12 / 77

The degree to which a test measures what it is supposed to measure is:

13 / 77

A research study leads to development of:

14 / 77

The relationship between marks of internal and external assessment is:

15 / 77

When the experimenter has a reasonably high expectation concerning the relationship that exists between the variables, it is most appropriate to state the hypothesis in the form:

16 / 77

The degree at which a test consistently measures whatever it measures is called:

17 / 77

The value of range in a distribution, in which maximum score is 86 and minimum score is 54, will be:

18 / 77

Difference between the population means of two groups have been calculated by a researcher. The most suitable test of significance to be used will be:

19 / 77

In which of the followings man engages himself when, using scientific method:

20 / 77

A general term applied to publications that contain descriptions of educational research by an author who was not a direct observer or participant is:

21 / 77

For an efficient and convenient research it is better to:

22 / 77

A questionnaire in which possible responses are provided to the respondent and he/she has to select from the given responses is called:

23 / 77

Value of correlation between two variables is always:

24 / 77

The lowest level of measurement is represented in:

25 / 77

While writing research report one should be:

26 / 77

The reference list or bibliography is placed:

27 / 77

The ultimate focus of scientific method is on:

28 / 77

Sampling technique is useful in data collection because:

29 / 77

Independent variable cannot be manipulated, only cause and effect relationship is to be determined in the type of research called:

30 / 77

A systematic, objective analysis and recording of controlled observation is called:

31 / 77

A description of the study written by a person who conducted it is referred to as:

32 / 77

If the results of test and retest are the same, it is in fact:

33 / 77

In which research independent variable is manipulated:

34 / 77

The type of research which deals with the classroom problems:

35 / 77

The arithmetic average of the scores is:

36 / 77

To study school the effect of having a working mother on school absenteeism is:

37 / 77

Equal and independent chance of selection is in:

38 / 77

Where number of individual are selected from a list decided by the number of objects desired for sampling is called:

39 / 77

The validity that is based upon careful examination of course text books, syllabi, objectives, subjects matter is known as:

40 / 77

A research conducted for studying, understanding and explaining past events is referred to as:

41 / 77

Following are the categories of research type by method:

42 / 77

The basic goal of educational Research & Development is to:

43 / 77

The past events are studied best in:

44 / 77

There are many methods of acquiring knowledge, what is the most perfect method used for man-made knowledge:

45 / 77

Table of random number is called:

46 / 77

If the findings of the experimental research can be generalized it will be:

47 / 77

The impact of A.V. Aids on student learning is:

48 / 77

Questionnaire is most useful instrument for:

49 / 77

The Study to determine the current status of population with respect to one or more variables on the basis of data collected from the members of a population is called:

50 / 77

Ethnographic research is the other name of which research:

51 / 77

Internal criticism and external criticism establish th authenticity of:

52 / 77

To investigate the problems of special learner is:

53 / 77

The representation of subgroup is in:

54 / 77

Where groups are randomly selected it is:

55 / 77

A post test in an experiment is sometimes called the:

56 / 77

The obtain marks divided in equal parts in:

57 / 77

All members of hypothetical set of persons, objects or events are called:

58 / 77

The qualities of a good research tool are:

59 / 77

The most commonly used instruments for data collection in survey research are the:

60 / 77

When in depth investigation of an individual, group or institution is done, it is called:

61 / 77

Pre-requisite for conducting a research study is:

62 / 77

The deductive method moves:

63 / 77

If the population is distributed into homogeneous subgroup and the random sample is drawn from each homogeneous subgroup, then this technique is called:

64 / 77

Which one of the means is the most reliable source to get information:

65 / 77

Control and experimental groups determined by researcher are preset in the type of research called:

66 / 77

By using "Lottery method" we do:

67 / 77

The boundaries of the study in a research process are known as:

68 / 77

The statistics used for prediction is:

69 / 77

Historical research describes:

70 / 77

Post facto research is the other name of:

71 / 77

The size of sample depends on:

72 / 77

Content list is a part of:

73 / 77

A researcher tries to find out "causes of un-rest among students", the study will be called:

74 / 77

Manipulation of cause, its effects and relationships is determined is in the type of research called:

75 / 77

When data is collected from all the members of population the study is called:

76 / 77

The impact of nationalization of schools under the Policy of 1972 is:

77 / 77

The method section of a thesis usually contains:

Your score is

The average score is 46%


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