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Name the key in the process of habbit formation:

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Macro teaching is:

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The language acquisition approach is also called:

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"Between you and I,he is a hindrance ".This sentence is correct in:

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Receptive skills are also called:

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Lingual means:

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Alphabetic method is also called:

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Point out one receptive skill out of following:

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The Direct method was first called as:

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What is meant by recapitulation?

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Alphabetic method was invented by:

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In deductive method of teaching grammar we proceed from:

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What do the close and deep reading of a text called:

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In Phonetic method, the children are taught to recognize relationship between:

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what does Bilingualism means?

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A grammar which describes how a language is actually spoken and written is called a :

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The other name of audio Lingual methode is:

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The other form of dialogue is:

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A conversation between two person is:

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The last stage of writing is :

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What do you mean by review:

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In Direct method translation is:

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Role play is also called as:

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Grammar-translation method is based on:

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How many people use English language in Pakistan?

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The test in which words are removed from a reading passage at regular intervals leaving blank is called:

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A test of writing is:

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The main purpose of learning a language is:

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What does "Objective" refer to:

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Conveying the message through the words of mouth is:

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The advanced stage of speaking is:

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Function words are also called:

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A test which measures a students performance according to a particular standard which has been agreed upon is called:

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The ability to use two languages freely and fluently with native speaker like proficiency is called:

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Who says that"Prose is the natural language of mam"?

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Content word are also called:

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The practical analysis of a language is:

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Expressive skill is :

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Theories expounded by Skinner was:

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Name the approach which tells that language is best learnt with reference to situation:

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The oldest method of teaching a grammar is:

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Productive skills are:

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In regard of the learning of a language kinds of approaches are:

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The method of teaching foreign language without using the pupil's first language is:

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If the user of the language has only the knowledge of language rules and form then what he is said to have?

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The spelling method is also called as:

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Receptive skills are:

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Within four fold aims of teaching English the basic aim is:

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Audio-Lingual Method was introduced in:?

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The position of English in Pakistan is:

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Grammar-Translation method is also called:

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Theories put forward in the sstudy of first language acquisition are:

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Phonetic method is a method of teaching children:

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Deductive method is a method of teaching:

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A test which is designed to provide a measure of performance that is interpretable in terms of an individual's relative standing in some known group is called:

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Which type of sentence this is "Turn to the left and proceed"

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It is said that language is always:

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"Cloze" means:?

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The most fundamental characteristics of human english language is:

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Which theory of language is more apealing and rationalistic?

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What are the passive skills of teaching english are:

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The time period is microteaching is:

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What is meant by reading in chunks

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A grammar which states rule of what is considered the best or more correct usage is:

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why do we skim a paragraph or a lesson?

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What do we mean when we say"Anticipation in Reading"?

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Method of teaching english used in our Govt, school is:

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Words which refer to a thing, quality, state, or action and which have meaning when the words are used alone are called:

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What method aims to teach directely without the help of mother tonuge?

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Teaching technique employed for teachers training is:

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Skimming in language learning is:

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The integral part of communicative approach is:

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