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Education - Introduction of Computers in Education Test No. 05

Education - Introduction of Computers in Education
Test No. 05

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Which one is not the example of digital computers

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Machine language consists of

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Among data storage devices the least reliable is:

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A long haul network is:

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The function of output device is:

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What makes up an entire computer system

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Central processing unit (CPU) consists of

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Micro computer is also called as

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Peripheral devices that are used to get information or result from a computer are called:

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The hardware necessary for LAN is

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CM is abbreviation of:

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Which of the following enables digital data to be
transmitted over the phone lines

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Machine Language is Binary type programming
language that computer can:

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In a computer the raw facts are

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Inn confined space the most useful to use is

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Every information is stored in computer in the form of

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Power of computer is measured in

19 / 60

Efficiency of computer depends upon

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The combination of text, sound and video to displaY
information in the meaningful way is:

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Computer that measures data in a continuous process called

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A computer which links several PCs together is

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Which of the following is accessed when you switch on your computer

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Close, maximize, minimize buttons on a window are

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The most suitable software used to make lecture sides is

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View, edits and file are present on

27 / 60

Most likely used to design products, structure, civil
engineering drawings and maps is

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Different from others is

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Personal computers are also called

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Input device is:

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View, edits and file are present on

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A wwv site name is also called:

33 / 60

Abacus is also called as

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Information which we provide to the computer is:

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A computer gives output through:

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Computer software can further be divided into
application software and:

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Secondary storage devices is

38 / 60

Computer that represents physical quantities iii

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Which is not Internet application?

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Which is the part of Computer

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The name of first Arithmetic Machine is:

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Which is not out put device

43 / 60

Output device is

44 / 60

Formatting a document means

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What hardware category doei magnetic tape fall into

46 / 60

The type of computer by structure (type) is

47 / 60

CPU means:

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Microsoft Excel is for:

49 / 60

The type of computer by size is

50 / 60

The function of input device is:

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Physical parts c 'computer are

52 / 60

A Kilo Byte is equal to approximately;

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A mouse & joystick are both examples of:

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The computer that operates on data, which is in the
fora of continuous variable physical quantities is

55 / 60

The father of the modern computer is

56 / 60

The coloured area onscreen is

57 / 60

Which one is used for presentation

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Coniput,_c gives results after:

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Which is not the input unit

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In how many groups are computers classified by size

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The average score is 58%


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