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Category : EDUCATION
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Education - History Of Education Test No. 01

Education - History Of Education Test No. 01

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Schools maintained by the local people in the public school premises are tenned as:

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Term ideology mean:

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Educational Philosophy of Frobel emphasized:

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The major contribution of the ancient Greeks to modern education was their:

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Scientific society was founded by Sir Syed Ahmad Khan in:

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The Ideology of education takes it roots from:

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The Character Building and Action in Islam is based Upon:

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What is the meaning of the word Nation?

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At present, qualification for a elementary school teacher, in Pakistan is:

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Who inaugurated the Commission on National Education on January 5, 1979?

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What is the corner stone of Islamic Nation?

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Which was not taught in the "didascaleum"?

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Which of the following is true concerning the, methodology of Rousseau s educational system?

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Who believed that child must be freed from society s imprisoning institutions:

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Brilliant period in Muslim history for the development and spread of knowledge is reign of:

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The Muslim Education system put emphasis while evaluating a student on:

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By quadrivium is meant:

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The curriculum of Islamic education system includes:

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According to teaching of Islam acquisition of knowledge is obligatory upon:

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The constant feature of medieval education in Islam with regard to learning was: .

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Under the Muslims the art that was most developed?

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In Islamic education system the primary focal institution for universalization of education is:

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Of Froebel s idealism it can be said truthfully that:

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Among the influences of Pestalozzi and education should be listed the:

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Pakistani s first educational conference was held on:

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Whatwas the result of the fear of the militant and intolerant Hindus Majority in India?

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During who s Period, Masjid-e-Nabvi was first rebuilt?

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The great Muslims scholar Ibn-i-Khaldura is famous for his working:

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The burden of responsibility to develop curriculum for schools rest on:

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Rousseau s major contribution to modern education was the:

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Literal meaning of "Zakat" is:

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Maria Montessori was awarded the degree of doctor of:

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Which of the following was not an influence of Rousseau upon education?

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The educational meeting of 1947 is called:

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The educational program set forth by Rousseau:

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How many developmental stages Rousseau identified:

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The first kindergarten was started by:

38 / 80

The Muslim of the India demanded Pakistan to introduce:

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In his educational theories, Aristotle felt that:

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What is the source of Islamic Civilization?

41 / 80

Who conveyed his educational philosophy through famous novel, Emile:

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"To seek knowledge is the fundamental right of every individual" is said by:

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National educational policy 1979 put emphasis on:

44 / 80

Which onc of the following does not belong with the group:

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What is the basis of Islamic Civilization?

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Froebel is given credit for the idea of:

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Educators who relate schooling to social purposes are often following the idea of:

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From Herbart, Dewey is said to have taken his:

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Giving salaries to the scholars and teachers was started in the time of Caliph:

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who developed pragmatic philosophy and applied it to education:

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In early Athenian education the "paidagogos" was a:

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In his educational system, Pestalozzi:

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Prominence in Rousseau s plan of education was given to:

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The major problem of management of education system in Pakistan is lack of:

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Maluana Shibli became Principal of:

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Plato s philosophy stressed education as:

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Who developed object lesson emphasizing sensory learning:

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The availability of one textbook for one particular class on a particular subject create a major problem:

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Permissive environment of Frobel s Kindergarten included:

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One of the pioneers in elmentary education reform was

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Old Athenian education differed from the Spartan mainly in terms of: .

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India s earliest contacts with Islam were through:

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Islam has given.a balanced model of perfection which is in conformity to:

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Fee education was announced for the first time in the policy:

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The Socratic method refers to the method of:

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When Lord Macaulay s report presented in sub-continent during British rule?

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According to Islamic system of education me sequence of courses of study proceed from:

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The mosques were declared the educational center for the first time in:

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In judging Rousseau s naturalism, one must remember that it is based upon the idea that:

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Who was the founder of Nudvat-ul-Ulema?

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How many types of activity and experience Montessori curriculum included:

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In sub continent during Muslim rule the Muslims gave importance to learn:

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How many levels, Dewey s curriculum consisted of:

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National Education Commission was held in:

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Mosque has a strong contribution on spread of:

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The main contribution of Pestalozzi to education was the:

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Rousseau s influence upon education is visible in the:

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Aristotle s educational plan differed from that of Plato in respect to provision for:

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Islamic art was the combination of:

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Spartan education had little or nothing in common with early Athenian education except the:

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