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Education - Educational Psychology and Guidance Test No. 04

Education - Educational Psychology and Guidance Test No. 04

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For which of the following assertions is the empirical evidance strongest?

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Neurons convey information about the strength of stimuli by varying:

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An individual perceives the things as a whole and not as a mere collection of its constituents:

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Sam s wife always wears the same black nightgown whenevere she is "in the mood" for outing. Sam becomes aroused to go out as soon as he sees his wife in the nightgown. For Sam, the nightgown is a(an):

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Memory that holds lot of information in a relative permanent fashion is:

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A form of communication based on a system of symbols is:

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Which of the following approaches has the most optimistic view of human nature?

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Jim just barely avoided a head-on collision on a narrow road. With heart pounding,hands shaking, and body perspiring, Jim recognizes that these are signs of the body's fight-or-flight response, which is controlled by the:

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Fred, a tennis coach, insists that he can make any reasonably healthy individual into an internationally competitive tennis player. Fred is echoing the thoughts of:

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Adopted children's similarity to their biological parents is generally attributed to _______; adopted children's similarity to their adoptive partents I generally attributed to _________.

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School of thought that focuses its attention totally on .observable and measurable aspects is:

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Bronfenbrenner's theory consist of environmental systems:

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Motivation associated with activities that are their own reward is:

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Gestalt is a German word which means:

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The characteristics of language development at the age of 2 years:

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The unit of meaning involved in word formation is:

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Bronfenbrenner's theory emphasizes:

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Human beings are motive primarily by social urges and therefore human motivation can be explained only in term of a single drive or motive known as security motive:

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The reason the SQ3R method is effective is that:

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In people whose corpus callosums have not been severed, verbal stimuli are identified more quickly and more accurately:

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The hindbrain consist of the:

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For which of the following is Wilhelm Wundt primarily known:

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Main instinct picked up by Freud to account for all human behaviours in his psychoanalytical theory of motivation is:

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Memory in which information is retained as long as 3 seconds is:

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The way words are combined to form acceptable phrases and sentences:

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Learning in which students construct on understanding on their own is:

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Approach to motivation that emphasizes personal freedom, choice, self-determination and striving for personal growth is

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Memory that holds the information from the world its original form for only an instant is:

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G. Stanley Hall is noteworthy in the history of psychology because he:

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Willingness to begin new activities and explore new directions is

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A continuous process which never comes to an end is:

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Alterations in activity at dopamine synapses have been implicated in the development of:

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A setting in which the individual spends considerable time is:

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Which of the following approaches might William James criticize for examining a. movie frame by frame instead of seeing the motion in the motion picture"

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Which of the following approaches might suggest that forgetting to pick his mother up at the airport was Henry's unconscious way of saying that he did not welcome her visit?

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McDaugall, maintained that all human behaviour could be explained in terms of some:

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Approach of psychology that focuses on the analysis of components of consciousness is:

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Jenny has brown hair and blue eyes and is 5'6" tall. What is being described is Jenney's

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Sounds presented to the right ear are registered:

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A neural impulse is initiated when a neuron's charge momentarily becomes less negative, or even positive. This event is called:

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Sense of self acceptance and fulfillment is:

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Human behaviour includes conscious, sub-conscious and unconscious by school of thought called as:

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Critical thinking skills:

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The _______ lobe is to hearing as the occipital lobe is to vision:

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Which of the following is a statement with which Skinner's followers would agree:

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Punishment is an example of :

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The value that one places on one s characteristics, abilities or behaviours is

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Psychology's answer to the question of whether we are born or made tends to be:

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After repeated pairings of a tone with meat powder, Pavlov found that a dog will salivate when the tone is presented. Salivation to the tone is a(n):

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The study of the endocrine system and genetic mechanisms would most likely be undertaken by a:

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A general approach that views learning as an active mental process of acquiring, remembering and using knowledge is:

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Clark Hull, through his drive reduction theory emphasized that in the form of stimulation gives birth to a drive or motive which in turn produces motivation:

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The scientist who won a Nobel prize for his work with split-brain patients is:

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The thalamus can be characterized as:

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Semantic refers to the:

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A spontaneous, heritable change or error in DNA replication is called:

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Leaming in which a neutral stimulus becomes associated with a meaningful stimulus and acquires the capacity to elicit a similar response is:

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What we think and how we feel in our altered states of awareness is the subject area of:

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A multifactorial causation approach to behavior suggests that:

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Learning in which the consequences Of behavior produce changes in the probability that the behavior will occur is:

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Area of classroom where the greatest amount of interaction takes place is:

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Banduras social learning theory emphasized that most of what we learn is acquired through:

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According to William James, understanding the activities of mind for adjustment to the environment is important rather than the composition:

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The sound system of the language, including the sounds that are used and how they may be combined is:

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The roles of training and experiences for shaping and modeling of behaviour is emphasized in:

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A technique that involves changing the level of support for learning is:

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The fact the psychologists do not tall agree about the, nature and development of personality demonstrates:

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Hormones are to the endociine system as______ are to the nervous system:

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The tendency to view one's own group as superior to others and as the standard for judging the worth of foreign ways is known as:

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