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All Candidates / Students seeking for Preparation of Any Exams for Jobs (Headmaster,Principal,Senior Headmaster or Lecturer or SS Education) or Entrance Test in Universities and Colleges, We make a best selection of MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) with Questions and Answers Test on our website. All These MCQs are authentic and Taking after our Verification of our Audit Teams from different areas of the World. These Thousands of MCQs cover different National and International Topics. All These MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) are downloadable in pdf format. In this Chapter we cover the Quiz/Exams about EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY AND GUIDANCE. Job Seeking Candidates use for CSS (Central Superior Service) , FPSC (Federal Public Service Commission Islamabad) , PPSC (Punjab Public Service Commission) , SPSC(Sindh Federal Public Service Commission) , KPPSC(Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Public Service Commission) , BPSC ( Balochistan Public Service Commission) , UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) , PCS (Punjab Civil Services Exam) , IBPS (The Institute of Banking Personnel Selection) , UPPSC(UTTAR PRADESH PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION PRAYAGRAJ ) ,

In India IAS exam (officially known as the Civil Services Examination) is organized and conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC)

These EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY AND GUIDANCE General Knowledge MCQs are best for different departments like Railway, Banking , Education (Schools and Colleges),Electricity(WAPDA) or in any Private Industry.

This online Practice Test with Examples leads the Candidates towards Success.

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Education - Educational Psychology and Guidance Test No. 03

Education - Educational Psychology and Guidance Test No. 03

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Changes in body structure and function over time is:

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The central concept in Freud s psycho-analytical theory is:

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The process in which human organism becomes favourably related to the environment is:

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Moral development involves:

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A child acquires the ability to solve abstract problems in. logical fashion in the period of:

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An intemal state of mind of a person, which forces to do something and that is aroused as a result of some internal need of the person is called:

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Which come third in series in Malsow s classification:

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Eagemess to engage in productive work is

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View that emphasizes the active role of the learner in building knowledge and understanding is:

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he characteristic of an object stays the same even through the object might change in appearance:

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The age measured by an intelligence test is called:

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Cognitive development deals with the development of:

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Those relatively stable and permanent aspects of individuals which make them unique but which also allow people to be compared with each other define:

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Wechseler Scale ik a test to measure:

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How would you define psychology?

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Intelligence as presently defined is synonymous with:

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Phase at which a child can master a task if gives appropriate help and supporting is:

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The subject matter of educational psychology is inferred from?

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An individual who is socially mal adjusted develops ________ behaviour

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Assuming that others experience the world the way you do is:

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The ability to use symbols to represent actions objects is:

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Which is measured by in intelligence:

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The best known study on social development is that of:

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The most of the differences in interest are due to the difference in:

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Mental age ofa child is a measure of:

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Orderly adaptive changes individuals go through from conception to death is:

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Control is an important characteristics of:

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The logical, goal directed action of a child start at the stage:

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Basic structure or framework that exists in a person mind to organize and interpret information is

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The discipline concerned with teaching and learning processes, applying the methods and theories of psychology is:

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Arranging objects in sequence according to one aspect is

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A mental process that occurs when a child adjusts to new information is: :

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WAIS the intelligence test for:

34 / 69

The greatest degree of insecurity padiedie

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I.Q of 7 years old child with an M.A of 8 years would be placed in I.Q distribution table as:

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Emotional response to symbolic stimuli is primarily the result of:

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The mental development is closely parallel to increase in:

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What type of health of a child is of utmost importance that an clementary school teacher should keep in mind | for the growth of the child:

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Changes by which mental processes become more complex is:

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Psychologist define heredity as transfer of characteristics to newborns from their

41 / 69

Intelligence test measure:

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Identical twins are not identical in:

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The interest of boys in sports reaches its peak in:

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The complex answer to the question "who am I?" is

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The growth and learning of a child is affected by:

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Focusing on only one characteristic is:

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The first emotional expression to appear in infants is:

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The state when a person realizes that his or her current ways of thinking are not to understand a situation is:

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Process through which experience causes permanent change in knowledge or behavior is called:

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Jean Piaget was born in?

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The term growth is used in purely _______ sense:

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The age of 3 - 6 years are narrated by Erikson in his theory of Psychosocial Development is concemed with the stage:

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At birth, which of the following is closest to its final adult level:

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When do we leam better according to Thorndike s Laws of Exercise?

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A sense of concern for future generations is:

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At birth, the average weight of a full term baby is:

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An emotion is best defined as:

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The age of 6 - 12 years as narrated by Erikson in his theory of Psychosocial Development is concerned with the stage:

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Change in behaviour result from:

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I.Q. is an index of:

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Try to understand Something new by fitting it what is already known is:

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The ability to logically combine relations to understand certain conclusions:

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Edward Thorndike is known due to his contribution for:

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Educational psychology revolves around three the learner; the learning process and:

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The most fundamental agency in the life of boys and girls is:

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A search for mental balance between cognitive schemes and information from the environment is:

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Ahmad is bright, Akbar is dull They are now six years of age, as they grow older, the difference in their I.Q will probably:

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The leamer and learning theories are studied in:

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The immediate awareness of any object is: .

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