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All Candidates / Students seeking for Preparation of Any Exams for Jobs (Headmaster,Principal,Senior Headmaster or Lecturer or SS Education) or Entrance Test in Universities and Colleges, We make a best selection of MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) with Questions and Answers Test on our website. All These MCQs are authentic and Taking after our Verification of our Audit Teams from different areas of the World. These Thousands of MCQs cover different National and International Topics. All These MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) are downloadable in pdf format. In this Chapter we cover the Quiz/Exams about EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY AND GUIDANCE. Job Seeking Candidates use for CSS (Central Superior Service) , FPSC (Federal Public Service Commission Islamabad) , PPSC (Punjab Public Service Commission) , SPSC(Sindh Federal Public Service Commission) , KPPSC(Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Public Service Commission) , BPSC ( Balochistan Public Service Commission) , UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) , PCS (Punjab Civil Services Exam) , IBPS (The Institute of Banking Personnel Selection) , UPPSC(UTTAR PRADESH PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION PRAYAGRAJ ) ,

In India IAS exam (officially known as the Civil Services Examination) is organized and conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC)

These EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY AND GUIDANCE General Knowledge MCQs are best for different departments like Railway, Banking , Education (Schools and Colleges),Electricity(WAPDA) or in any Private Industry.

This online Practice Test with Examples leads the Candidates towards Success.

For HM/SHM/SS Education Preparation of Competition Exam we provide near about 2000 MCQ’s , Which definitely give you success in PPSC , SPSC , FPSC , KPSC , BPSC Exams..
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Education - Educational Psychology and Guidance Test No. 02

Education - Educational Psychology and Guidance Test No. 02

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The discipline of Psychology is:

2 / 69

Laws of learning were founded by:

3 / 69

Who was the first psychologist:

4 / 69

The learning method that is associated with observingof behavior of others is called:

5 / 69

Belonging, affection and status are best classified as:

6 / 69

Psychoanalysis, a school thought in psychology was introduced by:

7 / 69

The main characteristic of formal operational stage is:

8 / 69

Which is the basic (Born) Emotion?

9 / 69

Interests, attitudes, appreciation, skills and achievements are primarily the product of:

10 / 69

Hierarchy of needs was presented by:

11 / 69

Pavlov s work was with:

12 / 69

A need is to hunger as a stimulus is to:

13 / 69

Logical thinking according to Jean Piaget starts at the stages of:

14 / 69

Learning means:

15 / 69

The word "moral" is derived from Latin word:

16 / 69

According to Maslow, the most important are:

17 / 69

Learning by insight theory is also called as:

18 / 69

The process of helping individual make life adjustment at home, school and other phases of life is called:

19 / 69

Translation of concrete experiences, development logical thinking are given by:

20 / 69

First book on psychology was written by:

21 / 69

Which is basic (born) emotion?

22 / 69

Carl Rogers presented:

23 / 69

"Mos" means:

24 / 69

Face to face relationship in which one tries to solve the problem of the other is called:

25 / 69

The theory of psychosocial development was presented by:

26 / 69

In concrete operational stage child:

27 / 69

Child begins to understand the principles of conservation at:

28 / 69

Which school of thought Sigmund Freud belongs to:

29 / 69

The process of Adaptation in Piagetian Cognitive Development theory is:

30 / 69

"Emovere" means:

31 / 69

Cause of frustration is:

32 / 69

Model of eight types of learning was designed by:

33 / 69

The I.Q of the gifted children is:

34 / 69

A need is to food as a motive is to:

35 / 69

Age of pre-operational stage in Piagetian cognitive Development theory is:

36 / 69

The pioneer of identifying individual differences was:

37 / 69

Response plays a dominant role according to:

38 / 69

Physical growth is affected by:

39 / 69

Theory of self-actualization and sense of Identity was Presented by:

40 / 69

In preoperational stage, child learns rapidly:

41 / 69

Mental development reaches at its climax during:

42 / 69

Thinking and reasoning is the characteristic of:

43 / 69

Concept of discovery learning was given by:

44 / 69

Semantic Memory is:

45 / 69

Behaviorism is associated with:

46 / 69

Piaget presented the theory of:

47 / 69

Hierarchy of needs was presented by:

48 / 69

At which stage of cognitive development (piagetian) the child develops object permanence:

49 / 69

Cognitive learning theory was presented by:

50 / 69

Projective techniques are usedto measure:

51 / 69

Which is not the type of memory

52 / 69

Trial and error theory was presented by:

53 / 69

Psychology is the study of:

54 / 69

Stimulus that strengthens the response of an organ is:

55 / 69

Founder of the intelligence tests was:

56 / 69

Theory of moral development was presented by:

57 / 69

Alfred Binet worked on:

58 / 69

Educational Psychology is the branch of:

59 / 69

Motivation is best defined in terms of:

60 / 69

Cognitive learning theory is known as:

61 / 69

Experiments on learning by insight were performed by:

62 / 69

Stimulus plays a dominant role according to:

63 / 69

Founder of socio-psychological development was:

64 / 69

If a student has an age of 11 years, from psychological point of view he/she is placed in:

65 / 69

The name of the psychologist who said that most of the fears of human beings are Conditionally Learned:

66 / 69

The ability to think in novel and unusual ways is called:

67 / 69

The word "emotion" is derived from the Latin word:

68 / 69

Law of learning associated with Reinforcement in Operant Conditioning is:

69 / 69

Perception and attention play major role in:

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The average score is 42%


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